Beginners Guide to Bzzagent Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Campaigns

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At Bzzagent I get to try out new products for free and then give the manufacturers my opinions. This Bzzagent guide will tell you everything you need to know about Bzzagent campaigns. There are also tips for increasing your Bzzagent rank as quick as possi is a wonderful website that I really enjoy being a part of. It is just like a market research panel but you don't have to leave the house and be viewed through glass. By being a member I get to try new products for free and they even ship the stuff to my home at no charge to me.

In return I give them my opinions about the products. In the Bzzkit you will find at least one full sized product and a bunch of samples and coupons plus a guide that introduces the item. I share the samples and coupons with my friends and family and report to bzzagent (not a typo it is supposed to be buzz without the U) what they think about the product too. To read an updated and recent version of this article complete with pictures of the products you'll receive click here - Guide to Bzzagent.

The Bzzagent website is currently active in the US and Canada. They also have a branch in the UK called Plus they seem to be growing bigger everyday so I wouldn't be surprised if they spread to additional countries as well in the future.

I have been a Bzzagent for about a year now I started May 7, 2008. So far I have participated in 9 "campaigns" (that's what they call the buzzing process). After you sign up to join, you will have to answer a classification survey. It's similar to what product testing panels ask you. They ask if you are male or female, how old you are, if you have children and so on.

This questionnaire just helps them figure out how to match you to the most appropriate campaigns. For instance they aren't going to send a 57 year old man lipstick to bzz about to his buddies. It may take a while to match you up with your first Bzz campaign. I lucked out and got my first one right away but I have heard that others have had to wait up to 2 months before getting an invitation. When they do match you up you will receive an email inviting you to join the campaign.

If you are not interested in the product you can decline, It will not hurt your chances of getting accepted to more campaigns. I have declined a few myself, the most recent one was a home video gaming system the reason why is because they needed to charge $30.00 to cover the shipping. This was a rare occurrence, they don't normally charge anything but that is why I passed on the offer.

In there is a ranking system and the higher you rank the more testing opportunities you will get. The highest ranking members get the most bzz campaigns. The ranks are as follows.

Solitary Bee

Carpenter bee

Busy Bee

Honey Bee

Social Bee

Sweet Bee

There are more but I am a sweet bee Tier 6 I think it is the highest level attainable as of right now. There is a system to move up in the rankings but it is hard to follow unless you are a member of the site. I will do my best to explain it but I'd suggest pulling the website up after joining and then referring back to this article to make sense of everything you are seeing.

There is a status tracker which looks like a honeycomb path each completed activity you do gets you 1 honeycomb up the path. Submitting bzzreports is one way way to earn them, that is when you have a conversation with someone and then submit a paragraph telling "the hive" (that's what they call the people who work for bzzagent) the details of the discussion. I like this part because they want the honest truth with no sugar coating. Nobody expects you to "sell" the products. If there is something negative then tell them about it, they are just looking for feedback.

Once you send them your bzz report they will approve it, this takes about 2 days, you will get a nice personal email with a link. Now, the link will take you to the "your stuff" page this is a perk you get for reporting your buzz and I think it is a good one. For each separate bzz report you submit to them you will receive 50 MyPoints to use at

My Points is a website that rewards you with free giftcards to some really good stores. I wrote an AC article on as well. From what I have seen there is no limit to how many points you can earn. You'll also get mypoints for completing profile questionnaires (points will vary) and doing the post campaign surveys (30 points).

There is also an area of BzzAgent called the Frogpond that will help you move up in the rankings on Bzzagent. Every month visit the Frogpond and view 3 websites that are listed there. Leave a one sentence comment on the "frog" new website and take a very short poll. You can visit more than 3 a month but it only requires 3 to move up a honeycomb. I have found many great sites through the frogpond.

Bzz agent just recently added a new feature to their site which makes it a lot more fun over there. You can now interact with other Bzzagents like a social networking site plus they started something cool called Bzzscapes. Bzzscapes is sort of like Delicious or stumbleupon. It is just like a bookmarking site but you can create groups or fan pages for products, people, and shows.

I made my first Bzzscape it is based on my favorite reality television show and it's called Big Brother 11. People add pictures, blogs or gossip to it that they have found around the internet. They can rate and comment on the content you add and you can meet people who are into the stuff you like. The best thing about it is that each month you can earn a honeycomb by adding 10 pieces of content to any Bzzscape you wish. You can distribute the 10 bookmarks to a bunch of different ones or under the same topic, you can even make your own Bzzscape and add the content to it you will get credit for it any way you choose to participate. I added a little button in my toolbar to make it easy to add anything I see online to the Bzzscapes that I am a part of.

Back to the main site Just to give you an idea of what types of new items they test I made a list of my past bzz campaigns.

AVEENO® NOURISH+ Hair Collection - I got an early invitation for this campaign so it has not started yet but when it does start I will post what is in the Bzzkit. Most likely it will include a full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner plus coupons and maybe some sample packs to pass out to friends. Early invite is one of the bonus perks you get if you are up in the ranks. The higher tier you are means you will get into campaigns earlier than those who are of lower rank which means you'll be able to get campaigns more often since they sometimes run out of products to distribute. I really noticed an increase when I reached tier 4.

Covergirl Lipstain This kit comes with a red Covergirl makeup bag a mirror and a Covergirl Lipstain in the color of your choosing. It also includes a Bzz guide and coupons.

Windex Outdoor All-In-One - This one just shipped out yesterday so I haven't received it yet but as soon as I do I will post what is inside the box. If I had to guess what I think will be int the box I'd say a Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool starter kit and Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One refill pack Kit retails for $14.99 and the refills are $4.99. Plus there will be literature about the products and of course coupons

Off - In the box came a clip-on mosquito repellent plus an off powerpad lamp. Equipped with batteries and refills to get me started. As always I got a bunch of coupons some $3.00 off and others $1.00 off. The clip-on retails for $8.99 and the lamp is $9.49.

Afrin PureSea - It's a nasal rinse they gave me a full sized bottle retail $14.99 and some coupons to share.

Pledge Fabric Sweeper - I got a full size aerosol bottle of Pledge MultiSurface cleaner and a fabric sweeper that removes pet hair from your furniture, plus coupons for both items.

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 - No I didn't get a truck, this campaign wasn't very fun I got literature on the Dodge truck and window cling stickers and sweepstakes cards to pass out. Though it was one of my least favorite campaigns it still helped me get a couple of honeycombs which is always good.

Pledge Multisurface - One of my faves. Get a full size spray bottle of Pledge MultiSurface plus tons of samples of the pledge wipes and lots of dollars off coupons to share.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion w/SPF - This was a full size bottle of the new Aveeno lotion plus a bunch of generous sized sample tubes of the same lotion and coupons of course.


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