BeenVerified vs Intelius vs Spokeo vs Instant Checkmate: Person Identification Services Compared

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BeenVerified is ideal for searching people based on their email address if you’re in a hurry. Intellius has the infinite 24-hour plan so you can search as much as you want in one day. Spokeo is a solid business choice since it has an Enterprise specific

If you’re looking for someone, but only have scant information on them, there are a number of options you can go with now on the internet. Some of them are better than others when it comes to finding certain specific data such as address, phone number, or anything else. Here are some examples and a comparison of some of the more major sites that allow you to search for people online.

Been Verified


Been Verified has over 69 million successful people reports, and this is even rising. It’s been talked about by MSNBC, Mashable, Tech Crunch and others. You can ask the service questions by calling 1-888-579-5910.


  • Search by Phone, Email, Name or Property-It’s easy to search by whatever information you have available right from the top of the main site. You can even search by email address to get the rest of the info, which is unusual.
  • One Report-All of the information is available in one easy to read report. You can search for as many people as you want for the free options.
  • Billions of Records Available-You can search through one of the larger collections of data for people on the Internet.



Intellius is a good choice if you just want to do a lot of searches fast in one day. This is because of their 24-hour pass.


  • 24-Hour Pass-Instead of having to pay for the use over a whole month like many other services, Intellius allows you to use a 24-hour pass to do as many searches as you want.
  • Cancel Online-Not all services let you cancel online. Some require you to call them so they can make your life as frustrating as possible so you just give up and accept the service. But, Intellius gives you this option.
  • 50% Off First Month-There are coupons you can get to get half off the first month on Intellius, making it one of the cheaper options.




Spokeo works well for individuals looking up individuals, but ti also has many business solutions for companies that need to do a lot of searching as part of their operations. There are actually different sites for each of these. You can click the “learn more” link to see the Enterprise page.


  • Team Reports-You can get reports on large numbers of people, all through the site directly for those who need to do this for business.
  • Celebrity Search-You can actually search for celebrities directly if you want. This includes going through millions of celebrity photos.
  • Cheapest Rates per Month-Spokeo has some of the cheapest rates per month if you go for the 6-month plan, which is only $4 monthly.

Instant Checkmate


Instant Checkmate has some negative reviews online, but that may just be because it’s so large. Over 1.2 billion searches have gone through here. There’s also real police record information here which could be part of it as well. The site is officially accredited at BBB and there’s a review at Consumer Affairs.


  • Real Police Reports-You can find some serious information here including for driving citations, felonies, misdemeanours, sexual offences and speeding tickets. There are even mugshots available.
  • Court Documents-You can find information about court proceedings on the site. The information is serious enough that you actually have to click through a notice that acknowledges that you understand that you can’t use the site for tenant screening, FCRA compliance, insurance or consumer credit.
  • 24-7 Operation-You can use the site at any time, and get help through their phone number around the clock if you need help.

Head to Head


BeenVerified is free to use for the initial search. You do have to sign up to get a summary though, and it’s a bit low in info. In order to actually get full records, you have to sign up for at least 1 month which costs $22.86. If you go 6 months, it comes down to $9.83 per month which is a $58.98 up-front cost.

Intellius costs $20 or so for a 24-hour pass. The Premier version of Intellius is $20 per month, with the first month costing just $10 or so during deals. You can cancel whenever you want through phone or online.

Spoke’s business plan, from Spokeo Enterprise, is $35.95 for 200 reports. The regular Spokeo varies in price, but it’s often $4 per month for a6-monthh membership plan. Otherwise, it’s $5 per month for 3 months, or $20 for just one month.

Overall, Spokeo has some of the cheapest plans if you go for 6 months. If you want just one month, Intellius gives it to you for $10 during promotions.

Instant Checkmate has a 5-day trial offer for $1 that comes and goes. The 1-month subscription goes for $22.86, but this can also fluctuate. The 3-month offer is often just under $15, with a total of over $44.


BeenVerified includes both iOS and Android apps, with over 7 million downloads to date. You can even get an app for your Apple Watch if you want. The progress bar is big and obvious so you know exactly how close you are to being done. The site searches public and criminal records, country and state records, and ‘proprietary data sets.’ It will search social media as well.  

Intellius has the 24-hour pass where you can get full name, address, age and date of birth, phone number, relative list, address history for as many people as you can search for in a 24 hour period. You can actually cancel the subscription online, which is a good sign for not having to go through heckling if you want to stop your service like what happens when you encounter the stop loss departments for other companies.

Spokeo is a solid choice for businesses since it has 12 billion reports available.

Instant Checkmate is definitely different than the other services if only because they have such a focus on more police records and crimes than on other data. They do have other services like the others, of course. You’re encouraged to look for info on nearby sex offenders, friends, neighbors, parents and so on.