Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

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Green Tea is an excellent beverage not only for health but also for beauty. It is indeed a natural, beauty product which can be used as a beauty drink in the form of hot or cold tea during the day or can be applied directly to the skin. There are number of ways to use green tea in your beauty regime. Read on to learn about the beauty benefits of green tea and how you can use green tea for treating various beauty ailments.

You will be amazed to know that the beauty product manufacturers acknowledge the beauty benefits of green tea tremendously and therefore add it to their beauty products. Today you can easily find green tea and green tea extracts in everything from eye cream and lotion to toner and face wash.

Instead of buying green tea based beauty products you can use green tea in your daily beauty routine and yield the maximum health and beauty benefits naturally. Green tea is an excellent beauty solution to stay young and beautiful.

Wrinkles, Sunspots and other signs of age

The antioxidants found in the green tea help to flush away harmful toxins that damage the skin. Regular consumption of green tea prevents wrinkles as well as sun spots. Green tea helps to heal and prevent discoloured areas on the skin caused by over-exposure to the sun. Regular drinking of green tea can really help to change the appearance of your skin and will definitely make it look younger and healthier.


Green tea is an excellent remedy for preventing and fighting existing acne, it is indeed a natural and effective way to treat acne easily.Green tea contains catechins which helps in reducing the activity of sebum producing glands by regulating the hormonal levels. Therefore men and women who suffer from acne breakouts now and again, should drink green tea regularly to treat acne.

Natural Glow

Green tea has amazing skin benefits. It helps to rejuvenate the dead skin cells which results in a clean and clear complexion. Regular use of green tea keeps your skin healthier and happier by giving a natural glow. To get smooth and softer looking skin and to slow down the aging process simply drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea each day.

From now on drink green tea not only for relaxation and health benefits  but also to treat your  skin. If you do not like the taste of green tea you should not be disheartened beacuse you can always choose to consume green tea in the form of capsules or green tea chewing gum. Alternatively eat green tea cookies or green tea cakes or ice creams. 

Give your skin a beautiful boost by consuming green tea regularly.


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