Beat Summer with Nannari Sherbet

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Summer Cold Drink from Indian Sarasaparilla

During summer, every one feel very thirsty and try to consume cold drinks available in market and face various side effects or do not dare to consume them very regularly or even if they consume the readily available cold drinks, the body temperature, which shots up due to hot summers never comes down with the commercial cold drinks. The bet solution for facing such hot summers can be prepared at home with a herb by name Hemidesmus indicus, which is also called as Indian Sarasaparilla or Nannari is a great herb with huge medicinal values. The plant’s roots are very useful for preparation of summer cold drinks. This herb's roots are easily available in Southern parts of India

Recipe of Nannari Sherbet:

Take the roots (weighing 500 grams) of Hemidesmus indicus or Indian Sarasaparilla and clean those with plain fresh water thoroughly so as the dirt, dust and any sticky sand particles should be washed off. Cut the roots into small 2-3 inch pieces. Take a clean and long container and fill with water (1500 ml) and drop the root pieces of Indian Sarasaparilla into the container filled with water. Then boil the root pieces mixed water on a regular flame for 40 minutes, until you smell a strong sweet smell of the roots. Then let the container filled with water and roots be naturally cooled for 3-4 hours. Once the water mix is completely cooled, filter the water and separate the roots from the container as they are of not any use after this process. The filtered water can be called as Nannari Syrup. Prepare the required quantity of sugar syrup (thick syrup will be very good if you are not a diabetic and like the sweetness) so as the sugar syrup can be used every time, one feels to take this summer cold drink. Take a fresh lemon and cut into half and squeeze the half lemon piece into an empty tumbler, add 3 teaspoons full of sugar syrup, then add 2 teaspoons full of already prepared Nannari or Indian Sarasaparilla root syrup and add 200ml of cool water into the tumbler. Then stir all the contents until the contents get properly mixed in water. Lipsmacking, tasty summer cold drink or Nannari Sherbet is ready for you with fresh Nannari taste and lemon flavor. Add or reduce the usage of lemon, sugar syrup as per your taste requirements.

Benefits/Medicinal Advantages:

  1. Nannari Sherbet is a great body temperature coolant medicine in hot summer.
  2. According to Ayurveda, Nannari herb is an anti-heating agent for the human body.
  3. Nannari sherbet does not have or give or lead to any side effects like any other readily available cold drinks in the market.
  4. The Nannari Sherbet can be consumed in 200-400ml quantity on a daily basis in hot summers. (Diabetic patients should take due care of sugar syrup consumption)
  5. Nannari Sherbet helps in controlling burning sensation in stomach, all kinds of skin diseases, fever and increase in body temperatures due to hot summer.