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Bathroom & Kitchen Power Scrubbers

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There are a few scrubbing products on the market for the use in your bathroom and kitchen areas, scrubbing for you so you don't have to. Which one is the right product for you?

We all hate cleaning the bathroom and kitchen areas of our homes.  Products that make it easier are sold everywhere, but which really make the job easier?  If you're one of those that cleans every day, you may need different products than those that clean once a week or can go longer periods of time.

Soap scum can build quickly in and around the tub and shower area, needing a good strong cleaner.  With the introduction of scrubbers for the kitchen and bathroom tile, grout and fixtures, cleaning may not be such a chore.  But which product is the best?  Which one is easiest to use and works the best?

We start out by checking out the Black and Decker Scrub Buster Cordless Power Scrubber.  This little jewel is a great way to power scrub those "ickies" out of the bathroom and kitchen.  The Black and Decker Scrub Buster comes with a medium weight plastic carrying case and eight different interchangeable scrubbing heads.

The Power Scrubber comes with a 3 inch bristle brush, scrubber, disc attachment, an accessory attachment, mild scrubbing head, coarse scrubber, heavy pad scrubber, radial brush, narrow brush, and a shampoo brush attachment.  The plethora of attachments are used to clean everything from narrow spaces around the sinks in both bathroom and kitchens to the heavier duty scrubbing of the shower stall walls with the spinning larger attachments. 

The Scrub Buster is easy to use; with easy attachment removal and placement and boasts a handle that can be filled with cleaner in an easily removed handle.  Two settings allow deeper, stronger spinning action for that real yucky stuff that builds up around bathtub and shower areas or ovens, while the calmer, softer spinning is for regular use around the shower walls and the like that don't have the heavier dirty areas or grime.  The buttons that turn the scrubber off and on are within easy reach of the thumb and the sprayer button for chemical use is just below the on and off button.

Another unique item is the Sonic Scrubber.  A smaller version of the Scrub Buster, this cleaning achievement is a tool that can be used in your home or on your vehicle.  Resembling a toothbrush, the Sonic Scrubber comes with one cleaning head, the handle, and the instructions to get you started.  This machine takes batteries, which are included with the purchase of the starter kit. 

The Sonic Scrubber has other attachments available for purchase, along with a stand to keep it all organized.  The other attachments and the stand are purchased separately, however.

This scrubber performs its magic on many areas of the home, including the grout, scuff marks on wooden floors, areas around the faucets in kitchen and bathroom, under stovetop drip pans, and many other places that have dirt and grime.  A cleaning solution or plain warm water can be used, but with a bucket, as it doesn't have the solution compartment as with the Scrub Buster.

The Scrubber is easy to use and has an ergonomic non-slip handle for easy grip ability while scrubbing.  It seems to be lightweight and portable.  Small enough to fit into tiny areas, it is a miracle worker in the corners of showers.

The Sonic Scrubber can be purchased in many different venues, including many supermarkets and at drugstores including Walgreens and Rite Aid.  The combination of kitchen and bathroom Sonic Scrubber packages come complete with everything you need to clean both rooms, including two Sonic Scrubbers with heads, two four-packs of additional various sized heads and the two stands to organize it all for $44.99 through the www.sonicscrubber.com website.  It appears, after reading various reviews that most people give it at least three stars on a scale of one to five.

Another scrubbing tool on the market is the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Pocket Multi-Purpose Portable Steamer, or the "Shark", as most fans, including me, call it.  This steamer comes complete with a longer white attachment, for getting into harder to reach areas or tighter fitting places, a wedge-shaped head for the larger areas of the home, a purple dusting attachment, a fabric steaming pad and attachment, two brushes and a squeegee for getting windows and mirrors. 

Cleaning without any chemicals at all is a beneficial element of using the Shark.  A powerful hot steam spray shoots from the direct spray head and will blast away dirt, grime and moldy areas.  It's easy to shoot out dirt underneath the faucet and handles, including the hardware attachments of the toilet seat.  The Shark also comes with a brush attachment to scrub dirtier areas if you need it, however for the most part, the direct steam attachment seems to remove most dirt without its use.

A tub or shower stall can be wiped down with a "pocket" attachment, either the longer smaller attachment or the wedge shaped pocket, which removes dirt, soap scum and grime from shower and tub walls by the use of steam.  The steam will heat the dirt and grime enough to release it from the walls, removing it with ease.  The pockets are all washable and can be reused time and time again.

The cord on the Shark is long enough to be able to reach all around the room.  There is no waiting for the Shark to cool down before adding extra cold water into the tank, as the older steam cleaners did.  When the tank empties, simply unplug the Shark from electric outlet, fill with cold water and steam shoots out again within seconds.

The extension attachment with the wedge or straight cleaning heads will clean the walls or cupboards in your home within minutes.  Water inside the Shark remains so hot that you have a sanitizing tool too. 

Some complaints of the constant holding down of the trigger to release steam have been written, however some have stated they simply placed a Velcro strip around the steamer and took care of the problem.  I personally enjoyed the easy release, as I wanted no steam coming through as I move the Shark around my bathroom.

Cleaning without chemicals and with the ability to sanitize simultaneously is a bonus of the Shark.  The scrubber machines listed above are good products, however, most people do like to sanitize and disinfect the kitchen and bathroom once per week.  With a good sanitizing product, odors disappear as the germs are killed that can cause odor during the disinfecting process.

The drawback I have in using the Shark is the room gets tremendously hot from the steam.  Moving around and cleaning within the cloud of steam makes it difficult to use during the summer months when it's already hot.

Whichever you choose, these handy dandy items cut back the wear and tear on the wrists and arms from hand scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen areas.  The Shark also cleans the walls and baseboards around the rooms too, removing odors in the living room and bedrooms also. 

These products are all highly recommended, it simply depends on your preference for cleaning tools.  All have their drawbacks and all have their plus sides.  I do, however, have a preference for the Shark, simply because it uses no chemical to clean and disinfect, but can blast the paint off the walls if you get too close.  If none of these items sound good, you can always return to the good, old fashioned comet and scrub brush to clean.  While cleaning well, it means you are inhaling the chemicals, sending that same chemical down the drain and taking a chance of bleaching out your clothing.  The scrubbing motion will eventually run the risk of your wrists have carpal tunnel syndrome, a very painful injury to the main nerve.


Vicki Perry
Posted on Dec 4, 2011
john doe
Posted on Jun 19, 2011
carol roach
Posted on Feb 13, 2011

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