Bacardi Rum: Dragon Berry Flavor

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Bacardi is a Caribbean-based company that manufactures rum. There are quite a variety of different flavors availabe, including a spiced rum, a silver rum, fruity flavors such as Bacardi Razz (raspberry), Bacardi Limon (lemon), and others. Bacardi's ne

I have tried a number of varieties from Bacardi and like many of them. At a recent event I was in the mood for something different so I decided to try a relatively new flavor from Bacardi: Dragon Berry rum.

Price and Package

The rum comes in a clear smooth bottle with a picture of the black bat logo in a red circle near the top of the bottle. Below that are the words "Bacardi Dragon Berry" in all black capital lettering. There is a picture near the bottom of the bottle of a red half circle with green "limbs" branching out above and the words "strawberry rum" written directly below. I suppose this indicates the dragon fruit in a sleek image form for their container and tries to evoke visions of an actual dragon with the angles and colors used.

The 1.75 litre (also known as "a fifth") retails for approximately $22 to $25 in most area liquor stores, but, of course, prices will vary depending on where it's purchased.

Flavor and Alcohol Content

This rum is about 34% alcohol by volume, which translates to about 68 proof.

This rum is so good, in my opinion, that it can be sipped by itself or over ice in a glass, or with club soda. I tasted it for the first time warm in a glass so I could sample it. I liked it and got it with cranberry juice and club soda all mixed together, one of my favorite ways to drink flavored rums and vodkas.

Even warm when I sampled this rum for the first time, it was very smooth. Yes, it is sweet and there is a distinctive strawberry flavor, so those who dislike strawberry or liquors that are too sweet may not enjoy this variety. I like it very much, but I do tend to like sweeter flavors. It mixes well so there are quite a number of cocktails one can make with this blend, and it's very fun with which to experiment as well.

Cocktail Recipes

This flavor is very versatile and mixes well, as aforementioned. Some people love it with citrus flavored sodas (Sprite, 7-Up, Fresca, etc), lemonade, ginger ale, or other simple mixers such as these.

Here are some other recipes:

Dragon Berry Burst (cocktail): Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, cranberry juice, amaretto, grenadine, and sweet & sour mix

Dragon's Breath (cocktail): Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, mango juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a splash of Sprite/lemon-lime flavored soda 

Dragon Bite (cocktail): Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and lime juice

Dragon Blood (shooter): Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, triple sec, lime Juice, and pomegranate juice

Dragon Serum (cocktail): Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, cranberry juice, and orange juice

A simple search in any search engine, such as or, will yield dozens of results, and an active imagination will allow you to design your favorite cocktails using Bacardi Dragon Berry rum. Of course, this product is meant for adults over the legal drinking age and is encouraged to be used responsibly.

 Dragon Fruit


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