Argyria-( Blue Man Syndrome ) What is It and How is It Caused

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What is Blue Man Syndrome and How is Blue man syndrome caused

Blue man syndrome is a non-life threatening condition in which the skin of a person literally turned to a bluish hue. But what may be a relief to some is that it is not catching. This is just not a possibility. We will explore why in a later paragraph. Many people seem to fear these people. It is possible due to humanities general trend to hate and fear anything that is different. This condition is no different than say acne. People with condition are not demons sent from beyond (heard this once from a woman to her child at Wal-Mart), these people are not the result of some secret government experiment at area 51, nor are they space aliens (another statement overheard while at the mall). They are simply people with a condition known as Argyria.

So what exactly is Argyria, it is a skin condition occurring when a person ingests an elixir of colloidal silver. This compound is derived from the electrophoresis of rocks and metals and water in order to draw out the silver content. When this process is completed, the person drinks this solution in an attempt to cure whatever may be ailing him or her. Many people believe that silver has healing powers and properties and by ingesting silver, it somehow reverses or cures disease.

Some people believe that this solution will cure everything from the common cold to all forms of cancer. It is a nice dream, but our bodies simply do not work in this fashion. Healing in the human body occurs when antibodies first attack and destroy disease by a process called phagocytosis. The ingestion of a metal such as silver does not do this, nor does it balance electrolyte imbalances, so one has to consider why.

Mankind for centuries has been on a search for the miracle cure all. It was around the 1920's when the process of electrophoresis was discovered. There was already a small segment of society who believed in the healing power of silver. So this group embraced this new process and thus colloidal silver was born. In those days people did not consume enough of this substance to cause the changes to their skin, this is possibly due to that these people felt better and stopped taking it. It wasn't until the 1980's that a renewed interest in colloidal silver was reborn. It takes quite some time for the build up of this silver compound to build up in the subcutaneous tissues thus causing skin color change.

How this causes skin color change in open for debate, it is possible that the silver reacts with the mellinin within out skin causing oxidation of a sort, it is also possible that this substance has a larger that normal amount of zinc, thus again oxidation. Whatever the real reason, there is no doubt that people who have ingested enough of this compound gradually begins to notice their skin changing color.

To the best of current knowledge about the condition, there are no health risks known in relation to this phenomenon. Sure it is difficult to see and not wonder WTF! In my career as a nurse, one case has been observed. There are no accurate figures at this time to reflect how many people have this condition. Since it is still a fairly new discovery, it may be some time yet as to how many people are actually affected.

You may be wondering if you can get this condition by shaking a persons hand, the simple answer is no, it is not possible. In order for you to "catch it ", you can go out and drink this stuff for a few years. (THIS IS NOT ADVOCATING THIS IN ANY WAY). The line of thinking that you can get it by coming into contact with an affected person is the same thing as saying a male will turn into a female by shaking hands, and vice versa. when you look at it in those terms, you can see how ludicrous this supposition really is.