Arboform - Liquid Wood Invented By Tecnaro

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Eco-friedly Arboform Liquid Wood to Replace Plastic from Tecnaro

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Two German scientists, Juergen Pfitzer and Helmut Naegele at Tecnaro Gmbh have found that lignin, a key ingredient found in wood, can be "transformed" into a renewable plastic. Arboform is not made from felling of trees ,but it is manufactured from the waste products of the paper industry lignin. Lignin is most abundant natural polymer. Lignin is a by-product of the pulp industry and the volume is arising worldwide is about 50 million tones per year.Tecnaro has a capacity of 5,000t annual output at present.

Plastics is one of the great innovations of the 20th century. Plastic is used in large quantities in the modern world, but it does have several disadvantages. It is also based on petroleum, a non-renewable resource, which is depleting oil reserves faster. Increases in the price of crude oil leads to rise in the price of plastics. Plastics are neither recyclable nor are they renewable. Pthalate softeners and heavy metals used in plastics are found to be toxins both, for the environment as well as for health that can trigger the development of cancerous diseases.

Arboform promises a more eco-friendly and a safer environment for tomorrow. It is produced by mixing lignin, wood fibers, flax, hemp, sisal or other fibrous plants and natural additives. This material can be molded in conventional plastics processing machines at elevated temperatures. Any geometries design that cannot be made in wood is now possible with Arboform.Per year 50 million tones lignin is produced as by-product by pulp industry and 95 % of it goes as waste now. Around 100 million tones plastics is produced annually. Since plastics are not bio-degradable it poses great problem while disposing after their useful life. It virtually remains carbon neutral even after recycling over ten times.

Incinerators of plastic cause accumulation of CO2 in the earths atmosphere leading to global warming whereas Arboform quickly breaks down into organically and eco-safe by-products like water and carbon-dioxide.Since sulphur compounds are used in separating the lignin from the cell fibers high sulphur residue is found in Arboform making it unsuitable for household use. Arboform from Tecnaro looks like plastic and possesses the qualities of polished wood. It can be used for the production of many items Arboform has better thermal and mechanical properties than both, wood and plastic put together. Arboform finds applications in automotive interior, jewellery, toys, furniture industry, consumer articles, musical instruments, Precision products and electronics.

Arboform from Tecnaro promises a more eco-friendly and a safer environment for tomorrow. Arboform could be "ThePlastic Of The Future" with potentiality to replace all plastic products in near future. The liquid wood technology is capable of replacing plastic and providing humanity with new materials for many years ahead to come.

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