Ant Bites Treatment

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There are several kinds of ant bites treatment available on the market. There are even common items in your home that you can use to bring pain relief. If your skin is swollen, red or bruised due to an ant bite, you can apply a cold compress to the area t

People of all ages get more ant bites in summer than at any other time of the year. Some persons have a severe reaction when this happens and may have swelling on a large area of their body. The itching caused by lice, ants and scorpions is due to the venom that they carry. Histamine and proteins are inside the venom and they cause an allergic reaction.

Ant Bites Treatment: Dark Spots and Discoloration

Some people have another problem with ant bites. When they try as far as possible to avoid getting bitten, it is not because of the irritation they will feel when the poison enters the skin. These persons do not like the scarring and spots that are associated with ant bites. While some persons have marks that fade quickly, others are left with spots for a long time after the swelling and itching have stopped. The spots are often a source of concern, especially for young women. Consulting a dermatologist will help if your skin has a tendency to get discoloration that does not fade.

Ant Bites Treatment: Severe Reactions

People who are bitten by ants usually get better in a few days without needing any serious intervention. Their body’s natural defense system works to help them heal. However sometimes persons have extreme allergic reactions to the venom, such as hypertension. In these cases doctors and other health care practitioners will help affected person get back in good health.

Some of the other signs that indicate that professional assistance is necessary are prolonged redness, rashes and persistent itching. Some individuals may notice that their ant bites do not heal, even after several days. Several people may develop swelling in their lymph nodes as their body copes with the venom.

If you get a rash or have swollen lymph nodes after you have been bitten by an ant, you should get the assistance of a medical professional. You should also seek prompt medical attention if you are having difficulty breathing. If a child starts wheezing after they have been bitten, you should get medical help.

Ant Bites Treatment: Soothing Gels and Over the Counter Medication

If you are in severe pain because of ant bites, doctors can usually provide an analgesic. You can use ginger for pain relief. It will also help to reduce inflammation.

You can get over the counter medication containing ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve pain. If you have Aloe Vera, applying the soft pulp directly to your skin will also help ease irritation. A physician may also prescribe a steroid cream that can reduce the amount of pain you feel.