Animal Farm Chapter Summaries

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This is an article summarizing all the chapters of the book, Animal Farm.

Chapter 1:

-Old Major had a strange dream and wants to share it with the other animals.

-He gave a speech on Animalism and encouraged the animals to stage a rebellion against humans.

- The seven commandments were mentioned in Old Major’s speech.

- Old Major remembered a song in his dream, called the “Beasts of England”.

- He related his dream about a world without mankind, with only animals.

- The idea of Animalism was introduced and all the animals were supportive of the rebellion. The uproar woke up Mr. Jones.

Chapter 2:

- Old Major died in his sleep.

- The animals started preparing for the rebellion although they had no idea when it would happen.

- The pigs, Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer elaborated Old Major’s teachings into a complete system of thought and often held meetings in the farm with other animals.

- One day, Mr. Jones left the animals unfed, thus they broke into the cowshed.

- Mr. Jones and his men whipped the animals and they could not stand it anymore. The rebellion started and the men flee. The animals won at last.

- They burned all the things belonging to humans.

- The Seven commandments were painted on the tarred wall.

- Napoleon and Squealer took the milk for themselves.

Chapter 3:

- The animals harvested the hay with the supervision of the pigs.

- The animals were happy because the harvest belonged to them, not the men.

- Meetings were held on Sundays.

- Apples and Milk were given to the pigs.

- The nine puppies were born and Napoleon took them away.

- Animal committees were formed, like the “Egg production committee”.

Chapter 4:

-News of the rebellion spread around

-Mr Jones was drinking beer all day long and resenting about his “good-for-nothing” animals.

-Mr Jones launched an attack, trying to retake Animal Farm.

-Snowball led counter attack and defended Animal Farm. The animals won with some casualties

-The battle is named “Battle of the Cowshed.”

Chapter 5:

-Mollie was seen accepting ribbons and sugars from one of the men on the neighbouring farm.

-Mollie disappeared

-Snowball was proposing plans and told the animals about his windmill plan one meeting.

-Napoleon disagrees and let out a high-pitched whimper. Nine dogs appeared and chased Snowball out of the farm.

-Snowball was never seen again

-Napoleon became the new leader of the farm

Chapter 6:

-The windmill project was continued

-Supplies went low

-Trading with humans was announced by Napoleon

-The pigs relaxed in the farmhouse and violated the seven commandments.

-The windmill was broken down by a midnight storm. Napoleon blames Snowball for the ruin of the windmill

-Repair of the windmill commenced.

Chapter 7

- Animals struggle against starvation

- Napoleon uses Mr Whymper to spread news of Animal Farm's sufficiency to the human world

- Napoleon begins to shelter himself from public scrutiny and makes Squealer and the dogs do his dirty work

- Napoleon increases the amount of propaganda on Animal Farm to distract the animals from their hardships and frustrations

- Squealer cultivates the idea that Snowball is lurking on the perimeter of Animal Farm and plotting mischief against the animals

- Napoleon also makes a personal and very public show of claiming to smell Snowball’s scent all around the farm

- Napoleon creates a fear for the animals, telling them that Snowball is still here and out to harm the Animal Farm

- The animals were thoroughly frightened, as though Snowball were some kind of invisible influence, menacing them with all kinds of dangers

- Napoleon calls a meeting, during which he forces confessions from many animals and murdered them

- Animals were terrified by the bloody sight and what they have witnessed

- Napoleon forbade them to sing ‘Beast of England’

Chapter 8

- The following year brings more work on the windmill and less food for the workers

- Napoleon is seen less in public as he grew more powerful

- More executions occur while Napoleon schemes to sell a pile of timber to Frederick

- Napoleon sells the pile of timber to Frederick (who tries to pay with a check) after the completion of the windmill

- But Napoleon demanded cash

- Whymper then learns that Frederick's banknotes are forgeries, and Napoleon pronounces the death sentence on the traitorous human

- Frederick and 14 men arrive at Animal Farm and attempt to take it by force

- Humans are initially successful, after they blow up the windmill, the animals are completely enraged and drive the men from the farm

- The windmill the animals built were destroyed

- Squealer explains to the bleeding animals that, despite what they may think, they were actually victorious

- Squealer named the battle “The Battle of the Windmill”

- Later, pigs discovered whisky in Mr Jone’s cellar

- Napoleon fears he is dying and decrees that the drinking of alcohol is punishable by death after drinking too much of it

- Muriel then reread the Seven Commandments and noticing, for the first time, that the Fifth Commandment now reads, "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess"

Chapter 9

- After celebrating their so-called victory against Frederick, the animals begin building a new windmill

- Animals were led by Boxer, who insisted on working harder and getting the windmill started before he retires

- Food supplies continue to diminish, but Squealer explains that they actually have more food and better lives than they have ever known

- More and more of the animals' rations are reduced while the pigs continue to grow fatter

- Animal Farm is eventually proclaimed a Republic, and Napoleon is elected President.

- Boxer works as hard as he can at building the windmill until the day he collapses because of a lung ailment

- Squealer informs the animals that Napoleon has sent for the veterinarian at Willingdon to treat Boxer

- When the van arrives to take Boxer to the hospital, however, Benjamin reads its side and learns that Boxer is actually being taken to a knacker

- Clover screams to Boxer to escape, but the old horse is too weak to kick his way out of the van, which drives away

- Boxer is never seen again

- To placate the animals, Squealer tells them that Boxer was not taken to a knacker but that the veterinarian had bought the knacker's truck and had not yet repainted the words on its side

- Animals were relieved when they heard that

- A grocer's van delivered a crate of whisky to the pigs, who drink it all and do not arise until after noon the following day

Chapter 10

- Years passed, and Animal Farm undergoes its final changes

- Muriel, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pitcher are all dead, and Jones dies in an inebriates' home

- There are more animals on the farm, and the farm's boundaries have increased, thanks to the purchase of two of Pilkington's fields

- The second windmill has been completed and is used for milling corn

- All the animals continue their lives of hard work and little food except the pigs

- Clover saw Squealer walking on his hind legs while the other pigs followed

- Napoleon also emerges from the farmhouse carrying a whip in his trotter

- The sheep begin to bleat a new version of their previous slogan: "Four legs good, two legs better!"

- Clover also notices that the wall on which the Seven Commandments were written has been repainted

- “All animals are equal” was changed to “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”

- Eventually, all the pigs begin carrying whips and wearing Jones' clothes

- A deputation of neighboring farmers are given a tour of the farm, after which they meet in the dining-room of the farmhouse with Napoleon and the other pigs

- Mr. Pilkington makes a toast to Animal Farm and its efficiency and Napoleon then offers a speech in which he outlines his new policies

- The word "comrade" will be suppressed, there will be no more Sunday meetings, the skull of old Major has been buried, and the farm flag will be changed to a simple field of green

- Animal Farm will again be called Manor Farm

- After Napoleon's speech, the men and pigs begin playing cards, but a loud quarrel erupts when both Napoleon and Pilkington each try to play the ace of spades

- Clover and the other animals watch the arguments through the dining-room window; they are unable to discriminate between the humans and the pigs


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