Android Jota Text Editor (Review)

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A review of Android' Jota Text Editor, the forever free and ad-free app.

Android's forever free and ad-free app, Jota Text Editor (pronounced as i-o-ta text editor) created by Aquamarine Networks is a great text editor that works just like the Notepad in Windows. It has a lot of great features, similar to windows's notepad like the ability to 'save' or 'save as' your work, 'open', 'delete', 'search' and 'new'.

What makes this app superior to the memo in the Android machine is that this app has support until 1 million characters, while the memo only has support to up to a few hundred or thousand. Hence, this app is a far better app to use that the memo if you want to store a lot of information inside, even though the memo is a much nicer app than this one. Its search function definitely helps users to locate and find their file easier, and is one of the most useful function of this app.

This app is good also because it saves files in .txt version, meaning you can tranfer the file to your computer than open the file from and edit from your computer. Also, this app can open .txt files, meaning that you can type your stuff in your computer's notepad and then transfer your file to your phone, and this app would be able to view it. It has a history function which shows you your recent file history so that you will not need to find and locate the file that you have recently edited. Therefore, it is a easy-to-use app.

It also has support for multiple character codes, making it a much more sophiscated app for those advance users who wants more than just type and save.

This app is user friendly and it has decent user interface with a nice cursor to select your text.

It has also an insert function, meaning that you can insert text from other files into the current file that you are editing. It also stores backup copies of your file so that you will be able to load that backup copy if you have accidentally deleted that file.

This app's most interesting function is that it can save your files in the destination and you will be able to choose that destination to save your file. Also, it can save your text in other file extensions, meaning that you will be able to save it in other file formats and you can also choose which charactor coding to save that file in. 

This app is a good and must have app for any android user who stores information in their phone.


david young
Posted on Aug 2, 2011
Roberta Baxter
Posted on Jun 19, 2011