Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

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Andre Agasi and Stefanie Graf share considerable success in tennis. They both possess qualities such as kindness, endurance and precision which have helped them to excel in their performance on and off the court. They have both served as brand ambassadors

Andre Kirk Agassi is one of the most well-known personalities in sports. He is married to Stefanie Maria Graf. Together, they have achieved a considerable number of accolades in their chosen sport. Tennis fans have followed their careers for many years, celebrating with them when they won matches and waiting for them to rise again on the few occasions that they suffered defeat.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf Bio

Steffi Graf was born on June 14, 1969. Andre Agassi was born on April 29th, in the year 1970. They both started playing tennis at a very young age. Their skill was honed through hours and hours of practice daily. This practice contributed to some of the best wins in history. Together, their total winnings add up to more than fifty-three million dollars.

In the French Open that was held in 1999, they teamed up and won their matches. Later on, they celebrated their victory with a dance together. Who knew what the future would hold for them after that? Two years later, they got married in Las Vegas. The date was October 22, 2001.

Andre had noticed his future wife long before that day in 1999. In fact, for several years prior he had been attracted to her and wanted to meet her. He saw her in 1992 at the tournament in Wimbledon and was interested from then. At the time, he was in his early twenties. The fashionable and controversial twenty-two year old was known for his flamboyance on the court. He was often dressed in fluorescent colors and black high tops. Wimbledon’s rules contrasted sharply with his own personal preferences.

Steffi Graf Meets Andre Agassi

He decided to ask to meet Stefanie. He sent the message through his manager and she politely sent back her reply. The response was negative. Andre was not satisfied with that and decided to try another way. He realized that if he won the men’s singles matches and she won the female single’s competitions, they would both have to meet. Although he already had it in mind to win the men’s series, this was an extra incentive for him to succeed.

He concentrated on winning and after a challenging series of matches; he later won the men’s singles. His win made him excited. He was champion and he would finally get to meet the woman of his dreams. He eagerly looked forward to the moment when they would finally meet at the dance. However when he inquired about the exact time when the dance would take place, a colleague told him that it had been cancelled. In due course, Andre got his chance.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf Wedding

The couple and their children share a lot of love and this is evident to all the people who are around them on a regular basis. They had a private ceremony, which both of their mothers attended. Andre has said that he does not think there are words to express the heart and soul of the woman he loves.

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