An Urban Wiccan's Car Protection Spell

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How to use magic to protect and prolong the life of a car.

As time has progressed and societies have advanced, methods of transportation have become more and more necessary.  These days it seems that we live in one city, shop in another, go to school in another, and work in another.  Without the use of our motorized vehicles to transport us from point A to point B, we would surely be stranded in the fast-paced movement of the city. 

The following car protection spell (which can also be adapted to motorcycles) is mainly for the Urban Wiccans who depend on this mode of transportation to survive.  Those Urban Wiccans who live in cities too crowded to own a car and rely on public transportation may not necessarily find an immediate use for this spell, as public transportation is usually pretty reliable.  This is not a spell intended to protect a traveler, rather a spell to protect the mode of transportation a traveler will be using.  This spell is intended to get a couple more days out of a car that may need mechanical attention but whose owner is short on cash until next payday.  It is also intended to protect the car from fender benders (which can put added strain on the Witch's pocket book) and thieves (which can leave the Witch stranded). 

To begin, take a photo of your car or track down a picture of the make and model #and preferably color# of your car on the Internet.  Print this picture out and place it on your altar.  Also keep a purple marker/pen handy.

With the picture on your altar, close your eyes and see your car in your mind's eye.  Envision yourself sitting in the driver's seat of your car.  Open the driver's side door and step out.  Imagine now that you are standing by the front left tire of your car.  Draw on the tire (with your hand, wand, etc.) a pentacle of protection that is made up of a bright purple light.  As the pentacle is forming, chant "Pentacle of protection, five pointed star of safety, protect this car in every sense of the word.  Make this car invisible to thieves and vandals, make this car untouchable by moving traffic and pedestrians, and keep the engine running strong and clean."

Now envision yourself in your mind's eye moving to a tire in either direction.  Perform this process once on each tire.  When each tire is glowing bright purple with the pentacle on its face, see yourself walking to the trunk/back of the car and facing the direction of the hood.  See yourself begin to levitate slowly above your car.  This process is easy for you and you do not have to struggle, for in your minds eye and on the Astral plane, all things are possible. 

You do not land on the top of your car, rather you levitate one to two feet above it.  Direct now a beam of bright purple light onto the ground surrounding your car.  As you are levitating above your car, your body rotates to direct the beam.  When the lines of the circle are connected you should be back to facing in the direction of the hood of the car.  Hold your hands out, palms up, ready to receive the power of the Gods which will flow through you to protect your car.  Chant "Zeus, King of Gods, and Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft, lend me your power.  Protect this vehicle and make it safe.  Allow this vehicle to be invisible to thieves and vandals, make this car untouchable by moving traffic and pedestrians, and keep its engine running strong and clean."  As you chant the above, see a bright purple star being formed in your circle of protection, being cast over the car, to cover it like a tent.  See your body being lowered slowly to the ground.  When your feet are on the ground, you close your eyes and you see black.  When you open your eyes again, you are back in your ritual space, looking down at the picture of your car on the altar. 

Pick up your purple marker/pen and begin to draw a pentacle as big as you can on the photo of your car.  It's okay if the drawn pentacle doesn't fully cover the picture of your car because the power and energy of your drawn-on circle extends far beyond the edges of any piece of paper.  As you draw the pentacle say "As I say, so shall it be."

Fold the paper as small as you can and keep it folded.  The ritual is done.

The next time you get into your car, take the folded paper with you and place it somewhere hidden in your car where it will be free from random glances by you or passengers.  A good place would be under a floor mat. 


Posted on Oct 16, 2010
Posted on Oct 16, 2010