An Ultimate Guide for Tourists Traveling to the Digha Beach

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An ultimate guide for tourists traveling to the Digha beach which may help them explore the tourist spot with ease, safety and fun. A brief details about all How to's and tips is mentioned in the article, from places to visit at Digha, accommodation and h

Digha beach is situated in the Southern most coastline of the state of West Bengal in India. Though Digha beach is not so popular as compared to other beaches all over India, Digha is growing up as an important hotspot for tourists to spend their weekends at.

      Digha beach sharing its border with the state of Orissa has grown up as a major tourist spot where thousands of tourists come to enjoy the breath taking view of the beach and blue sea of the Bay of Bengal. This tourist spot is comparetively cheaper and an ideal location to spend a great holiday at.

How To Reach:

Digha is connected by roads and railways very well. Daily buses from Kolkata is available for Digha from Esplanade bus terminal and Howrah. Buses vary from air-conditioned to non-airconditioned and are available at cheaper rates. One should bargain at the prices set up and get a fair deal while travelling to Digha. Travel duration from Kolkata to Digha is about 4 hours but in a bus it may take up to 6 hours, depending upon the type of bus you travel.

Daily trains are also available from Kolkata, which departs from Howrah station and also from the North Bengal from New Jalpaiguri Station.  A journey by train is ideal, as it is cheap and take only about three hours for the journey. The nearest airport is located at Kolkata.

Places to See:

Digha is a beautiful beach location if you want to enjoy the sea, the beaches and the waves. Old Digha has always been a beautiful one but the extension of the Old Digha Beach called the New Digha Beach has been more popular these days.

One may also visit the Science centre for an extra joyful tour, and is a must visit place if you are travelling with kids. Beaches around Digha are also awesome. One can get an auto-rickshaw, or a motor-rickshaw at Digha that tour you to places around Digha at very cheap rates and I would recommend this tour to everyone as it is an awesome one. Beaches like Udaipur beach which is located in the border of West Bengal and Orrisa is a long beautiful beach with cool forests and has a great scenenic beauty. One can even try beach biking as bikes are available for rent for bike rides. A must-visit place also includes the Talsari beach which is indeed the most beautiful and peaceful beach. This beach is located in an estuary and one must hire a boat to reach this one, which is available in plenty. Talsari beach is indeed peaceful, clean with blue water of the sea, and is a home to enthic sea creatures. The white sand, with red crabs and lobsters, the green forests and the blue sky is a view to die for.

Where to Stay:

There are plenty of hotels available at Old Digha which are cheaper to stay. Hotels vary from deluxe rooms to economical ones. The hotels in New Digha are comparetively cheaper and non-AC double rooms are available at rates as cheap as Rs 200 per night. Though I recommend all the tourists visiting Digha to bargain at prices in the hotels.

Things not to Miss at Digha:

The mouth watering sea-food available at restaurants and food stalls at Digha are worth trying and should not be missed. Sea foods ranging from various sea fishes, prawns, lobsters and crabs are a delicious treat to the mouth and appetite.

One should also try the richshaw rides at Digha. The bike rides in and around the beaches is an enjoyable one and should be tried by everyone. One can also get boat sides in the sea, as fishermen boats are available that take trips in the sea at Digha.

The tour around the beaches at Digha, which includes a trip to Udaipur beach, Talsari beach and the Cashewnut farm is the most thrilling and breath taking one and I recommend this tour as one of the things that should not be missed by anyone visiting Digha.


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