An Overview of Christian Vacation Ideas and Spiritual Destinations

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If a Christian, one may have even more considerations to ponder before embarking on a trip. Whether for educational, spiritual or recreational purposes, the choices are almost infinite.

When considering Christian vacation ideas there are many factors to be taken first into consideration. Interruptions, delays, missed transportation and changed personal plans often happen. However, with planning, and prayer of course, you will be better prepared to decide on the choice route for yourself, your companions or for the entire family.

How Much Do We Have To Spend?

This question is of utmost importance in considering Christian vacation ideas, as it will set the boundaries of not only where you are going but also for how long. This can be best done by setting aside a budget plan ahead of time and then adjusting it as your Christian vacation ideas evolve.

Spiritual, Educational Value or Family Friendly

Other factors to consider when planning a Christian vacation is whether one is going strictly for spiritual, educational or just family recreation purposes. That said, following are several sites which this writer can recommend in the United States, as good Christian vacation ideas.

A good excursion would be to the city of St. Augustine, Florida. Known as the nation’s oldest city, this city was founded with spiritual missionary work at its heart. A visit to this beautiful city is a step back in time to the beginning of this nation for those wanting to connect with both this nation’s spiritual and historical roots.

Founded by both Spanish conquistadores and Franciscan fathers years before the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts, this city reeks with Old World colonialism and of spiritual endeavors as well. For a more detailed review of this both spiritual and historic city, please read.

Short Term Mission Trips and Retreats

Missionary trips are often provided by churches, this is one of many Christian vacation ideas which should not be left unexplored. Not only will one’s spiritual awareness be heightened but additionally, an opportunity to relax, re-charge and a chance to serve the Lord your skills or talents can be realized by going on short term mission trips.

Retreats are especially invigorating. They also offer time well spent being away from home for short extended periods. These retreats present an opportunity of connecting with new spiritual relationships. Of special interests are retreats offered annually by Roman Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans and by just about every denominational or non-denominational group. To be certain, a visit to the church secretary's office will help formulate more Christian vacation ideas.

One good web site for obtaining more information about Christian retreats would be RetreatsOnline where there is a wide choice of Christian vacation ideas for those looking to retreat from the world for a few days or weeks. Prices charged vary but are usually of a reasonable affordable range.

More Christian Vacation Ideas In The United States:

There are several ministries that provide their own sites as possible Christian vacation spots and some of the best are found in the city of Orlando, Florida.

WordSpring Discovery Center is opened daily to help you discover the history of the Bible in state of the art displays. Visitors will learn how other cultures and societies have come to know of the love of God with this wonderful multimedia center for all ages. There is an admission charge of $8.00 per adult and complimentary admission for pastors and their families. Group rates are also available.

The Jesus Film Master Studio Tour offers visitors the 2-hour long “Jesus Film” which has been seen by more people on this planet than any other movie in the history of the cinema.  It is also the most translated into other languages - 900 languages and dialects. The main goal of this Campus Crusade For Christ Ministry Outreach is to show the life of Christ to every nation, tribe and individual on this planet. Beginning this particular phase of ministry in 1977, they have almost achieved their targeted goal. There is a charge but it is presently not available.

Certainly the largest Biblical presentation in Orlando is The Holy Land Experience, (HLX). Sponsored by Trinity Broadcasting Network, it is truly a spiritual experience and not just a “theme” park. Visitors will tour an enormous reproduction of the Holy City and visit the Temple site. They will be able to tour the streets of the Holy City and enter shops and eating places to refresh, relax and take in this miniature Holy Land. Tour guides and the “city residents” are more than happy to share with the visitors the places where Jesus walked. At the HLX Scriptorium, is housed some of finest Biblical replicated texts; the youth will be able to enter and exit Jonah's whale; and safely climb a mountain.

Visitors will also find themselves strolling down Jerusalem market places; visit the Shofar theater for musical presentations; and enter the Dead Sea Qumran Caves and see where the Scrolls were found. One of the heights of the tour must be and is the part-taking of communion with Jesus and His Disciples. All day admission price is: $35.00 per adult with online admission discount. For children 6-12 admission price is $20.00 and for children ages 3-5 the admission price is $7.00.

Christian Cruise Ship Tours:

Christian cruises offered by various world-wide ministries are plentiful and diversified. Excursions range from going on a cruise ship trip to Alaska to going to the very Holy Land itself. Following the “Footsteps of the Apostle Paul” on board through the Mediterranean Sea is another popular Christian vacation excursion.

If budget minded, then a Christian cruise ship excursion may be the right thing for you. Everything you may want or need is pre-planned for you. Superb accommodations, inspirational seminars and the best in Christian and spiritual entertainment is part of the tour package. The opportunity to meet like-minded persons and share in fellowship is always before you and there is no better way to worship and praise the Lord than with live singing on board. This is a must in reviewing your Christian vacation ideas.

There is literally something for everyone: pastors and wives, for singles, couples or family oriented and retirees. Everything is included in the cruise: meals, entertainment, lodging, off-shore excursions and even worship services, the price is one big bargain all things considering. With costs ranging from $400 on up, the length of the voyage can vary from three days to eight. The best time of the year to go on a particular cruise will vary as to the destination and route taken.

The choices are wide in scope and plentiful in offerings for every budget, need and taste. In reviewing appropriate Christian vacation ideas for individuals, a group or an entire family, there are many choices. One cannot forget the Words of the Master when He said: “Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)   And what better way to rest than coming to Him on a Christian oriented vacation?

Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, 1/26/2011


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