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Amazon Local vs Groupon vs LivingSocial vs Yipit vs Thrillist: Daily Deal Sites Compared

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Amazon Local is a good bet if local deals are what you want. Groupon has a lock on seasonal deals like for summer. LivingSocial has one of the best options for guarantees about deals, which can be an advantage if you’re worried about the deals working o

Here are a few daily deal sites set up side by side so you can see which is more likely to have what you want.

Amazon Local

Amazon Local helps you find deals on just about everything related to your location, which it calculates automatically.


  • Save 10%-Click on the link in the top right and you’ll see a way to get a deal on potential vacation destinations for 10% off, with a max savings of $100.
  • Automatic Locator-You don’t have to do anything when you visit the site, it will just find where you are automatically.
  • Amazon Functionality-Since you’re signing in through Amazon, you can often make use of various Amazon options like Amazon Payments.


GroupOn offers deals on local, getaways, clearance, coupons, goods and seasonal stuff like a sale for “Beat the Heat.”


  • Seasonal Sales-There are often seasonal sales on Groupon such as the “Beat the Heat” sale which offers special deals for the season like discounted ferry rides to places like Provincetown for the Boston area, for example.
  • Huge Variety of Deals-Regardless of whether you want physical products, under the “goods” area, or coupons, getaways, or local stuff, you can find it on the site.
  • Mobile App-Groupon has its own app for if you want to look for daily deals using a mobile approach.



The main features on LivingSocial include local, escapes, coupons and a general shop tab.


  • Discounts of up to 80% for Group Activities-LivingSocial lets you pool resources with friends to all do stuff together and get big discounts for it.
  • Unique Items-You can find stuff on LivingSocial that would be tough to find other places, like a 1-year vet plan through Pet Assure for 70% off.
  • Good Deal Guarantee-This guarantee on the site means that you can exchange anything you haven’t redeemed or scheduled in Voucher form for at least 7 days. You can also get a full refund on anything like this as well.



YipIt lets you pick the deals you want in a more straightforward way than many sites allow for.


  • Select Exactly Which Deals You Want-When you get started on the site, the first thing you’ll do is choose what deals you want including Health & Beauty options like Massage, hair salons, waxing, Lasik and so on, or Fitness options, or automotive options and so on. You’ll still get some deals you didn’t ask for, but it will be a lot more targeted this way.
  • Specific Topic Tabs-It’s easier to find things on YiPit since the tabs are more targeted to topics than generals tuff. You can go right to Fitness through the tab, for example.
  • Easy to Access Filters-It’s also easy to filter the results through Yelp rating, for example, You can also choose by discount, with 60% and up being possible, for example. Or, you can choose by the date the deals were added, or the exact price.


Thrillist is a large site that has a lot of subcategories. If you click on “shop,” then you’ll go to a whole different section which has all of its own menu options like for travel, food and drink, and other stuff.


  • Intuitive Quick Signup-You can sign up right away through Facebook, Google+, or email through the box that pops up when you first visit the site. It’s easy to close this thing though.
  • Unique Travel Products-You can buy all things related to travel here such as green leather bags, food and drink deals, bars, and other stuff.
  • Chat Help-Hit the “chat with us” option in the big blue rectangle in the bottom corner if you need help.

Head to Head


An example of pricing at Amazon Local includes $147 for a remote car starter installation that gives you two transmitters. The main draw is that this is going through Amazon, which means you can sign into your account and use a lot of the same features you’d use with any Amazon service.

Groupon has deals including airport car service from Boston that starts at just $99. They also offer remote car star installation that starts at $99 as well, though the same service from Bumper to Bumper is $157.

LivingSocial has remote car installation available for as low as $99 in the Boston area. They have a Bumper to Bumper version available for $149. but they do have pet insurance for a year discounted to as low as $29.

YiPit also has the $100 remote starter through Avital, and $149 for the other one.

Thrillist doesn’t have anything about remote starters, they focus more on food and travel options, including travel products like their racing green leather messenger bag which goes for $134.

Overall, most of the universal deals seem to be fairly similar across cities in terms of price, with some variation here in there, though Thrillist definitely focuses on particular products in the food and travel areas and less on automotive.


Amazon Local has many features related to products and services that are within driving reach of your location. An example is their frequent sales on vacation getaways.

GroupOn makes you give your email address pretty much right away, which is a bit irritating if you just want to look around first. You can skip these steps, though, but the controls to do so are a bit buried.

LivingSocial lets you return vouchers for a refund within 7 days. They also have a mobile app available, and you can even volunteer to be one of the first people to get access to new products and features as well. This is available under the “volunteer now” link all the way in the bottom right corner of the website.

YipIt is also a bit pushy about your email address, this seems like a theme with these sites. The site does have strong options for filtering out what you don’t want, however.

Thrillist focuses on everything having to do with travel and food. So, if this is your main interest when it comes to daily deals, then you’ll like what they have for sure.


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