Amazon Fresh vs Walmart To Go vs Instacart: Grocery Delivery Services Compared

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AmazonFresh is ideal for those who have Prime memberships or like the other Amazon perks as well. It’s also ideal for those wanting to try out random new local markets. Walmart to Go is the way to go if you want to be able to return items that aren’t

One of the best new technological trends is towards grocery delivery services. It’s become more and more possible to just have groceries sent right to your door so you don’t have to spend too much time doing it yourself. Here are a few choice examples of grocery delivery services so you can compare them to find the features you want.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is still only available in a limited area, but all signs point towards it expanding rapidly.


  • Same Day Delivery-One advantage that Amazon Fresh has over many competitors is that it can deliver your groceries to you on the same day that you order. Many others require you to give at least a day’s notice.
  • Get Groceries from Local Stores-Amazon largely outsources there grocery service to local stores and restaurants. This means that you can get a lot of local flavor and locally-grown organic foods this way. Many of these products are hand-picked.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-You can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with an order.
  • Amazon Prime Compatibility-You can use your Prime membership to get deals on AmazonFresh, and there’s a specific AmazonFresh version of the prime subscription as well. If you subscribe to Fresh, you’ll get all the normal Prime subscription benefits like 2-day shipping, streaming, unlimited photo storage, free kindle books and even early access to Amazon Lightning deals.
  • Time Slot Delivery Options-You can choose what time you want the groceries to be delivered, and you’ll even get the groceries delivered in special totes that keep the temperature where it needs to be.

Walmart to Go

Walmart to Go is currently also limited in their coverage. Areas include Denver and select areas in Colorado.


  • Refunds at Any Store-You can return items that you didn’t order to the pickup location, or you can return it during delivery. Additionally, you can return an object that you don’t like or that you didn’t order to any Walmart you want. The key is to make sure you bring in your Walmart to Go receipt to prove that you got the item from Walmart.
  • Freshness Guarantee-Walmart also guarantees grocery freshness as well. Beyond just having the wrong order item, you can also return items that aren’t fresh to any Walmart store near you as well. All you need is the delivery receipt.
  • $10 Referral Program-You can send referral links for Walmart to Go to friends. When they try out the service, your friend gets a $10 voucher. They also give you a $10 voucher as well. And this stacks up for every friend that you refer who tries out the service for the first time.


Crowdsourced approach. The site basically has part time employees that drive your order to you in their own car. It’s been compared to Uber but for groceries. Instacart is a bit more forthcoming about locations than the other sites. They are currently in Boston, New York, near Bridgeport, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, L.A., Portland, Seattle, Chicago and areas in Texas and Colorado.


  • Free Delivery on First Order-This order has to be over $10, but this is substantially lower than most delivery
  • Intuitive Help Options-The Help center at Instacart makes it real easy to find the info you’re looking for. You can find answers to questions about pricing, payments, alcohol order restrictions or just contacting Instacart right away without having to do a lot of digging.
  • Diverse Modern Payment Methods-You can pay with all major credit cards and debit cards in the U.S., but they also accept options like Apple Pay and Now cards. EBT isn’t available yet, however.
  • Free 2-week Trial in Some Areas-Some people have reported getting a free trial for 2 weeks for the Express membership. This may only happen during the beginning stages of the service entering a city, however.
  • Get Membership Perks from Stores Like Costco-If you order from Instacart, you often automatically get the perks usually reserved for members of businesses such as Costco.


Head to Head



Amazon Fresh pricing varies based on a number of factors. For example, if you’re already a Prime member, you can pay $8 per delivery as long as you spend at least $50.  This costs around $100 per year. There’s also PrimeFresh which is free delivery for orders over $50, but with a $300 per year subscription.

Pricing at Walmart to Go appears to be different based on factors like location and time slot. Walmart to Go often offers 3 months for free, and then give you a delivery fee based on how popular the time slot you select is. Some time slots are completely free. Walmart also sometimes has free delivery on orders over a certain amount, such as $125 for San Jose.

Instacart is $4 for a two-hour delivery and $6 for a one-hour delivery. You have to spend at least $35. You can join the Instacart Express subscription as well which gives you free 2-hour deliveries for $99 per year after you try them out for free for 2 weeks.



AmazonFresh has all of the benefits of Prime, which are substantial. The subscription is a bit pricy coming out to nearly $30 per month, but you have some flexibility if you want only Prime and not the Fresh version. The support options for Amazon are the same as for any Amazon product, and the company is known for having good customer service. Currently AmazonFresh is mostly limited to a few large metropolitan areas in places like California and Washington.

Walmart to Go offers special email and 1-800 numbers for getting help with your local orders.

Instacart lets you send a support request in an email form for fast response from the support team. The service also has a number of unique features such as allowing you to track your delivery person in real time using GPS so you know exactly when they’re going to arrive at your house. The one thing that’s worth noting about Instacart, however, is that they have been known to mark prices up by 20% or more, so all of the speed and features comes at a price.