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Am I In Love?

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He loves me …..He loves me not, He loves me ….. He loves me not? An extremely difficult question? Sometimes knowing if you are in love is tough and finding out if the other person loves you is tricky too. To unravel the mystery of love, here is a list of signs of true love which I am sure will help you to find the answers to: What is love? Am I “In love “? He loves me … He loves me not?  Read on to learn the different signs of true love!

Can’t stop thinking

Despite all your efforts you still can’t stop thinking about your partner; it is a sure shot true sign of love. When even the mention of the name of your partner is enough to get a smile on your face, then my dear friend it is a sign that you have fallen in love. If you notice that when you wake up in the morning your partner is the first thing in your mind and the last thing when you hit your bed for sleep then something really is happening, you are falling in love .

When you start ignoring the silly things about your partner and make an effort to remember about the likes and dislikes of your partner you are surly falling in love.

Constant search

When your partner is the only first person you find yourself searching for deliberately, in a party or a gathering. Your eyes keep searching him outside your house, outside your work place, and almost everywhere and anywhere. You feel that you are been watched by someone all the time.

Most of all when you find your partner your eyes light up, and shine; and a warm feeling fills your heart immensely. You feel overjoyed just being in the company of that person, than I must say that it is really for sure that you are falling in love.

Time flies

When you are with your partner you love spending time together, feel that time flies, and you never get bored in each others company. You do not feel shy, self conscious and can talk to each other about anything under the sun, without any inhibition is a spot on sign of budding trust and love.

Butterflies in your stomach

The most recognizable and important feeling is the indescribable butterflies in your stomach. When you experience this amazing feeling when your partner touches you or just holds you, you get butterflies in your stomach in spite of the fact you have known your partner for a long time, is a sign of love.

Be Yourself

You behave truthfully with your partner without showing any pretensions and no mask. You show the real you, what you really are without any fear and panic of thinking what he/ she will think. This is a positive sign of love where you are hiding nothing but just being yourself and expecting to be loved for who you are in reality. While doing this you feel comfortable and contented, trust your partner fully and have the belief that your partner wont hurt you, you are in love.

Share and Care

You find yourself extremely excited about your partner’s joys and immensely sad about the sorrows. You are happy about the various achievements of life and you like to take care of your partner in every little way you can. You enjoy doing things what your partner likes to do even though sometimes it is not your cup of tea. You start doing things which you use to hate earlier just because of the sake of your partner, why? The answer is simple: love! You do these things not because you have to, or you cannot say No, but you do them because you want to.

 If you find yourself saying yes to these different signs of love then I am glad that you have find the answer to your tricky question Am ‘ I “In love?” Yes you are !!!


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