Allen Edmonds vs Aldo vs Shoebacca: Men's Shoe Stores Compared

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The following is a comparison and review of three men's shoe retailers: Allen Edmonds, Aldo, and Shoebacca. This report will feature similarities and differences of each retailer, helping customers to make an informed decision when shopping for their nex

Allen Edmonds

Since 1922, Allen Edmonds has sold shoes, accessories, and clothing for men. Allen Edmonds strives to provide their customers with durable and fashionable shoes with high quality manufacturing processing and craftsmanship.  In addition to their website, Allen Edmonds operates 46 stores in the United States in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Their products can be found at retail outlets and stores across the U.S. 

Shopping at Allen Edmonds

If you are looking for high quality men’s shoes, Allen Edmonds is an excellent place to begin your search.  Allen Edmonds is an American based retailer which offers men’s shoes, clothing, and accessories.  The retailer offers custom made shoes to ensure the perfect fit.   Allen Edmonds's shoe category offers a vast variety of choices which includes:

In addition to their shoe inventory, Allen Edmonds offers clothes and accessories including:

Allen Edmonds also offers leather goods including bags, briefcases, wallets, belts, and tech accessories.  The retailer offers services such as recrafting and custom made shoes. 

Allen Edmonds Gets Social

Many retailers today turn to social media to drive traffic to their business.  Allen Edmonds is active on social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

Allen Edmonds's You Tube channel currently has 1,025 subscribers, 298 followers on Pinterest, 5,141 followers on Twitter, and 28,386 likes on Facebook.  When customers connect with Allen Edmonds on their social network of choice, they can receive updates on new products and promotions.  They may also give customer feedback.

Allen Edmonds Resources

Allen Edmonds strives to offer the highest qualify of  craftsmanship and fit.  To help make your shopping experience more enjoyable at, the retailer offers the following resources.

  • Getting the Right Fit
  • Caring for Your Shoes
  • All About Lasts
  • Glossary of Terms

Allen Edmonds Shipping

Allen Edmonds offers free ground shipping for all domestic orders by FedEx or USPS Priority Mail.  Orders usually ship within 1-5 business days depending on the distance from their warehouse in Port Washington, Wisconsin. 

In addition to U.S. orders, Allen Edmonds accepts international orders through their website.  All international orders are shipped through Bongo International.

Allen Edmonds Return Policy

Allen Edmonds offers free returns for all domestic U.S. orders.  Allen Edmonds accepts unused merchandise accompanied by a packing slip.  Allen Edmonds will only accept returned items that are a part of their current catalog.  Custom orders are non returnable.

Allen Edmonds Coupons

Allen Edmonds Customer Comments

“This is my first pair of Allen Edmonds and I'm disappointed to write that I have experienced the heel separation issue many reviewers have written about. For a pair of shoes that costs this much, I really did expect higher quality out of them.”Allen Edmonds

“The reason I only gave this shoe 3 stars is because when I actually looked closer, I noticed that on one of the shoes there were some deep creases in the leather and a dark blemish beside them. If these creases were minor I wouldn't mind as much as I would get them through wear, but these were prominent creases. After some research it seems that I am not the only one that has had some quality control issues.

I would have gladly exchanged them, but that option was not available to me so I have to return them. These are definitely well made shoes, but I would still check your shoes when you receive them to see if there are any potential defects.”Amazon

“This is an awesome belt and you get what you pay for. This works for business casual or my weekend jeans. Would buy again.”-Zappos


Aldo is a Canadian based retailer founded in 1972.  Aldo operates stores around the world. Aldo offers shoes and accessories for both men and women. Customers can find a variety of styles of shoes that will fit their tastes.

Shopping at Aldo

Aldo sells shoes for both men and women.  Customers can also purchase accessories including jewelry, scarves, gloves, hats, fragarances, and sunglasses.  In addition, Aldo offers a variety of handbags to choose from.