Crush Fetish Films Involve Animal Torture

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What are crush films? What are crush videos? What is hard crush? What is soft crush? Why do people delight in seeing animals killed? Who makes crush films? Are crush videos illegal in the United States? What is the name for the fetish in which peop

If you have not heard of crush films this information may alarm, or disgust, you. These are fetish films that involve graphic cruelty to animals.

The crush film is rather accurately described by its name, and is the act of crushing small animals to death in a way that is appealing for some people to watch.

Amazingly enough it was only in 2010 that Obama finally signed legislation in the USA that re-criminalized the creation, sale, distribution, advertising and exchange, of such videos in the United States. It had been made a crime in 1999, but the law was overturned in 2008 as it was said to be “vague”.  They are also illegal in many other nations including the UK.

There are two levels of crush films, soft crush, and hard crush.

Soft Crush typically involves insects and other invertebrates being stepped on. The person stepping on these animals is often a woman, either barefoot, or usually in high heeled shoes. The action is often slow rather than a quick kill, with the woman stepping on the animal, grinding it into the floor slowly, than retracting her foot, slowly and methodically.

Hard Crush is what is getting more attention, if you have not guessed by now, this is where larger animals, mammals, lizards, baby chicks, and so forth are stepped on, much in the way referenced above. Again the killing is usually slow, methodical, and done by a woman in shoes or barefoot. In many cases the cruelty is drawn out by the fact that the woman may play with the kitten, bunny, or whatever, prior to stepping on it. On occasion the animals are killed by being sat upon, however the most common fetish involves stepping on the animals.

Who Would Make Crush Films?

Crush films are made by many people, one of which is Jeff Vilencia who recalls even as a child, being fascinated by seeing insects and invertebrates being stepped upon.

Although Japan has often been blamed as a hot bed for crush films they are made internationally, and uploaded to the Internet as this is the primary way they are now shared.

In many cases it is suspect that the women appearing in the videos may not be willing participants

Note I do not suggest you search the term "Crush films"; there are some very graphic pictures, involving kittens and other animals that you will not want to see.

If you should find a video you are urged not to complain to the site owner about it, but rather to report it to PETA (downloading it if possible and send them the URL link) who will try to take legal action against the creator of the video. If you complain to the site owner you may just alert them and they will just remove the video and remain hidden.

Crush videos are also known as Squish, Stomp, or Trampling, films.

Parents, and mothers in particular, are advised never to squish insects in front of young children, as some mental health officials suggest there may be a link in the child's young mind that delights in them seeing their normally compassionate, caring, loving, mother, kill something with absolute power over it.


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