Advancement Opportunities for Teachers

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Classroom is not the dead end for a teacher's career. There are more opportunities within the education system like the administrative job and coaching where he can earn more than his regular salary.

Classroom is not always the end journey for teachers. They can always move on for advancement with plenty of opportunities ahead of them.

A teacher who received a certification in her state and finds a job as a school teacher need not stop there. Plenty of job opportunities for advancement are available for teachers’ career which is within the educational system. Depending on what one wants, a teacher can earn a higher salary or gain more authority and other increased benefits by climbing through the level or ranks of the university where she is working.

To advance in the educational field, a teacher can apply and take an administrative job. Teachers who take additional duties or responsibilities may fill some vacant positions in the administrative level. However, other administrative job may require a teacher to report to the administrative office or facility rather than the classroom. Principals, Human Resources Manager, Vice or Assistant Principal and System Directors of School are examples of education jobs that usually require full-time work outside the classroom.

Another opportunity for a teacher to increase his salary level is through coaching. Schools usually add a coaching increment to salaries for coaches and assistant coaches for different school teams. The amount of increment varies from school to school and often shows the significance of extracurricular activities or other athletics at a particular university. According to website, in Alabama where sport is considered very significant some coaches in football earn more money than teachers who do not coach. An example of this is the public school teacher’s average salary in Alabama which is $46,000 annually while that of football coaches in Mobile County average $70,000 annually.

In academia, a major milestone in a teacher’s career is his tenure. University professors who are granted tenure are awarded with a lifetime privilege or contract to teach at the University of higher learning. There is no way of losing their works except for extreme incompetency issues and gross misconduct. This divisive practice was created to allow tenured teachers to teach in their own strategy and introduce differing or unpopular ideas to students without doubts and fear of being fired. It gives the professors the ability and privilege to do their jobs they think is necessary for the benefit of the students regardless of whether the feathers get ruffled. This is a huge advancement in a teaching career and ultimate security is given to the professors.