ACG3 Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement

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This is a review for ACG3, an intense pre-workout supplement with a blend of arginine, creatine, energy, carnosine, and other ingredients. This product gives you an energy spike and helps you perform at a higher level for a long period of time. It is re

Although it is hard to find, and only available at certain GNC stores, ACG3, a pre-workout dietary supplement, is a product for the serious athlete who needs a serious boost before an intense workout, whether it is a weight lifting session or a long distance run.

It is a gluten-free, low calorie blend with only 20 calories per serving, and the power is in the ingredients.  Here are the primary ingredients and benefits ACG3 contains: 

  • Arginine - It supports an increase in Nitric Oxide for a more intense muscle pump.  Arginine is an amino acid which helps the body to make protein.  It has been highly recommended for weight lifting from websites such as the Mayo Clinic.  A common form of Arginine called L-Arginine is found in ACG3's 2000 mg "Nitro-FLOW" Blend.
  • Creatine – It is a popular supplement often taken by athletes, especially football players, which supplies energy to your body's cells.  It occurs naturally, but consuming additional creatine will help with an energy spike for maximum performance.  It is found as a main ingredient in ACG3's 3000 mg "Magna-3 Complex".
  • Energy - As part of the 320 mg "G-Force Energy Blend" , ACG3 contains 1,3 Dimethypentylamine, which is currently one of the most popular energy sources in the market for its extreme energy boosts and ability to help you focus.  ACG3 also contains caffeine and Green Tea Extract.  
  • CarnoSyn - It is a Carnosine Synthesizer, part of ACG3's 2795 mg "Beta-Burn Blend".  It is an effective ingredient to help fight fatigue.  This results in the body builder being able to work out longer and more intensely.  This is the ingredient that will appeal most to long distance runners.    

It is recommended to take ACG3 30 to 45 minutes before your workout for maximum results.  It is not recommended to take more than two servings within a 24 hour period.  

ACG3 is not for everybody, however.  If you are a college or professional athlete, make sure you are allowed to take this product, because 1,3 Dimethypentylamine is banned in some sports organizations.  Also, the long term effects of creatine are still not known yet.  There has been controversy since the mid 1990's about creatine since it began becoming a popular substance.  If you have a health condition, it is highly recommended you seek a doctor's advice or better yet, do not take ACG3 at all.  It is highly recommended you drink at least 125 oz. of water daily while taking this product due to the creatine.  You can become dehydrated if you do not drink that much water.  

I feel it does work very well in giving you an additional boost.  It helps when I am running on four hours of sleep and I need a boost to get an extreme workout in.  I can literally do non-stop super set workouts for up to an hour and a half.  However, I have been working out intensely for the past few years.  I am of great health, but I am slightly concerned about the long term effects of creatine.  I received several sample packets of ACG3 at my local gym during a GNC promotion.  The actual container is quite pricey, usually going for $60.00 if it is not on sale.  It will last the typical athlete one to two months, depending on if they use one or two servings per day.  It comes in pink lemonade, blue razz, and watermelon flavors.  I like the blue razz the best out of the three flavors.  


Guimo Pantuhan
Posted on Apr 2, 2012
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Posted on Apr 1, 2012
Posted on Apr 1, 2012