Aceable vs. I Drive Safely vs. Drivers Ed: Online Driver Courses Compared

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Aceable is ideal for Texan students that want to take their test on their mobile device officially. I Drive Safely will work well for those looking for more adult education opportunities such as eliminating parking tickets or insurance points. Drivers Ed

It’s now possible to do some of your training for driver’s ed online with courses that are completely approved by the state. Here are some examples of driver training courses you can take including the merits of each.


Aceable is a Texas-based company that will work primarily for those in Texas since it’s been authorized by Texas to offer a real DPS Learner Permit Test for the state. You can call them at 512-271-4956.     


  • 24/ Support-You can contact the support lines whenever you want in order to get help with your course. That way you can work according to your convenience.
  • Full Mobile Options-You can actually take courses and tests right from the app. Aceable allows you to take the real DPS Learner test right in the app. You still have to go down to the DPS location in order to take the eye test there, however.
  • Video Material-There are a lot of videos you can watch right in the app or in your browser to learn quickly. This also includes interactive questions that are effective for teenage students.
  • Parent Tools-The app and browser content lets parents keep an eye on how their students are progressing through the app. It saves progress automatically as well, so students can learn even when they are on the go as long as they have Internet access in some capacity.

I Drive Safely

The reviews for I Drive Safely are mostly positive, and it’s popular among those who want to take courses to get out of car tickets or to get breaks on your insurance premiums.


  • 8.9 on TrustPilot-This score is out of 1,560+ reviews, and it indicates that the review response from consumers to the site is largely positive.
  • Insurance Courses-You can take the “Insurance Discount” or “Mature Driving Course” to get discounts on your insurance. If you’re over the age of 55, this second course can help offset increases in insurance premiums you might get simply because of your age.
  • Tickets and Violations-This tab gives you three different options based on the three different state approaches. These include “Driver Improvement,” “Traffic School” and “Defensive Driving.” Some tickets and violations require you to take courses in order to reduce fines or even eliminate them or get full access to your driving rights again. These types of courses allow you to do this online.
  • Drivers Ed-This includes general training courses for all states, practice tests and driver preparation for motorcycle and car permits and licenses, and even behind the wheel drivers training for Georgia, Texas and California.

Drivers Ed

One good thing about the Drivers Ed site is that it gives you a lot of the information you need right at the top of the site. This includes selecting a state, the exact type of learning you need, and even examples of reviews that occurred recently. More than 6 million students have been through the site according to the main page.


  • Demo Available-You can take a look at a video and other materials that are occasionally available to see how the whole thing works.
  • 3D Animations-It definitely helps students to see practical examples of the material they are mostly reading about academically.
  • Community Elements-You can try out games, forum options, and other community elements by clicking on what you want under where it says “community” on the main site page.
  • High BBB Rating-The site gets an A+ for the Better Business Bureau so that you know it’s safe to use in terms of business practices. It also has both Norton and McAfee Secure seals so that you know it’s safe in terms of Internet security. Both seals work and you can check them daily. These are at the bottom of the site.

Head to Head


Aceable has both online teen drivers Ed and online adult drivers Ed programs. The teen program starts at $75, and the adult version is $36.Courses without online test taking that includes official test start at around $25 for other states.

Dismissing ticket courses start at around $30 at I Drive Safely. You can choose either text or audio. The audio course costs a bit extra.

State courses for drivers ed start at around $50 at Driver’s

It’s important to note that the Texas course that you take online with full test taking ability requires you to go through a voice recognition portion that some reviewers reported having trouble with in the end. This happens at all three of the sites since it’s a requirement from the Texas State government. Those who have trouble should contact support, but if support is unhelpful, reporting issues on local review sites will often gain you the attention of a representative that could help you faster.


Aceable lets you click on the aqua-blue bar in the bottom right corner if you want to get some direct live chat help, although this is only available during regular business hours for those who aren’t signed up. The site is primarily for those in Texas, and that seems to be its focus. You can still learn through the course if you’re not in the state, but taking the permit test officially this way will likely not be possible.

I Drive Safely lets you choose a particular state if you’re looking for help with getting licenses, defensive driving courses, and whatever other help you need. There’s a full page of info that’s state-specific.

Drivers Ed also has mobile options. The focus on the site seems to be on making the usual material more engaging to work with in general. This is seen through the fact that there’s actually a games section that helps you learn concepts from practice permits tests through a basic Drivers’ Ed quiz or game. You can actually get a 15% discount on your Drivers Ed course if you take and pass all 5 practice tests in the Drivers Ed game that you can download through the site. The game tests mostly work on mobile and they involve performing actions like guiding a car through a parallel park.