A Review of Totally Guitars' Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons

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More and more people express the desire to learn to play the guitar. Finger picking is a style of play that is in high demand. Backed up by a tremendous website, Neil Hogan of Totally Guitars has established an excellent model for online guitar lessons. F

The fingerstyle guitar method has been called the easiest and fastest method for initially learning how to play the guitar. There are many courses offering instructions on "fingerpicking." One such course is taught by Neil Hogan at the Totally Guitars website. As is often the case with highly recommended online guitar lesson sites, Neil Hogan's site offers a totally free demonstration video produced especially for the beginner guitarist. Giving away free advice and making easy to view videos is one way Totally Guitars distinguishes itself from its competitors. Such instructions make this site incredibly user-friendly.

Moving a student forward to the advanced level is the goal of Totally Guitars. Keeping abreast of all the latest teaching and learning platforms enables TG to continually rank high as an online guitar tutor model. Apart from fingerpicking for the beginners, Totally Guitars also offers advanced strumming lessons and instruction for playing the guitar using a hand pick.

Instruction on proper hand and finger positioning allows the student to learn about proper strumming technique which enables the student to play more than one guitar string at a time. The Totally Guitars environment is very conducive to grasping the basics or moving on to the more advanced levels of mastering the guitar.

Community Learning

An especially notable attribute of TG is the large community that participates and shares its music, lessons, and tips. Questions about guitar playing are always answered promptly and community involvement is constantly encouraged.

Keeping Up to Date

A good teaching website strives to keep pace with current technological trends. Neil Hogan's use of audio and video has recently been re-vamped in order to stay relevant and modern. A good teacher inspires students to advance. Starting with the most basic finger picking style, Neil Hogan's personal instructional videos inspire guitarists to continued advancement.

The excitement of learning proper finger style technique is contagious. Making small changes such as making sure the fingers are tucked in behind the thumb and learning the home position for the thumb and three fingers are what pushes a beginner guitarist to keep advancing. Seeing and hearing how to play the guitar makes learning online that much more enjoyable.

This review would not be complete if the money back guarantee was not mentioned. Online guitar sites that stand behind their name brand are not afraid to offer unsatisfied customers their money back. Totally Guitars stands behind its 30-day free trial as evidence of its commitment to providing the best guitar lessons available. Its years of service coupled with its commitment to educate in a fun-filled environment make a positive review of their website possible. Best of all, Neil Hogan is a quality musician and an excellent teacher. If you are anxious to learn the finger picking method of guitar playing, pay Totally Guitars a visit.


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