A Review of the Movie, Exam (2009)

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A review of the movie called exam, directed by Stuart Hazeldine which had been nominated for BAFTA film award.

Exam is a movie by Stuart Hazeldine, starring Adar Beck, Gemma Chan and Nathalie Cox. It had been nominated for the BAFTA film award. The movie begins with a selection process of a mysterious but prestigious company. Eight candidates are selected for the final round. The invigilator enters the room and provides them details about the rules, that they should not try to talk to him or the security guard, and should not spoil their answer paper nor should they try to leave the room.

The eight candidates are given eighty minutes to answer just one question. The initial frustration is that they do not have a question in the paper given to them. Soon they realize that they are not prohibited to speak among themselves. They start talking and come to the conclusion of helping each other to find the question after which they would compete among themselves to answer efficiently.

They come up with a series of ideas to discover what might be written in the paper. The movie keeps you engaged as to how the eight candidates would crack the exam. One girl gets eliminated initially for writing something in her paper and spoiling it.

The acting of the cast in the movie is convincing and everyone seems to carry the sense of mystery required and so does the exam room. The room’s lighting and windows are designed in a peculiar manner and the candidate's exploration of the same is intriguing.

The script and the cinematography can make your brain tick in the search of the question yourself to solve the case even before the climax. The climax scene is something which can not be predicted too easily. Till the very last minute, there is no clue left for the audience to crack the question.

The movie doesn't fail to keep you excited about what happens next and questions the various incidents in the light of right and wrong. It shows various shades of characters in a single room and to what extent one can go to get a job. The background and skill sets of each candidate, is interesting to watch and keeps you guessing who will crack the exam till the end

Exam is a psychological thriller and keeps you in powerful suspense throughout. But somehow, after half of the movie, you might start to feel more and more restless as you lose your patience thinking about the results or the candidate's interaction. The patience of the viewer is truly tested and it's definitely not the cup of tea for the less-patient. The movie is fast-paced, engaging and shocking at times and worth a watch.

You can watch the entire movie on YouTube