A Review Of: Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink

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A review of Speedball brand fabric screen printing ink.

When I’m not working my basic nine to five job, I am working on my clothing line that I run on the side. I started the company about six years ago when I was in high school. I had one design that I used and paid a screen printing shop to make shirts for me whenever I needed them for an event. Being a teenager and making just above minimum wage working my normal retail job, the cost of having someone print my shirts for me became a huge expense that I just couldn’t afford after a while. I ended up closing down shop when I initially started college and only got around to reviving my t-shire line hobby a few years ago. This time though, instead of having someone else do the dirty work for me, I looked into printing myself. That is how I came across the Yudu screen printing system. I have been using it for a few years now and love it for the most part (I have written a few instructional articles on the subject and have included links to them at the bottom of this article). Being able to print your own items gives you a sense of both empowerment and freedom.

When you start to print your own items, you need to play around with different brands of products until you find the ones that work for you. One product that I really enjoy working with is the Speedball brand fabric screen printing inks. They offer a decent range of colors and also have a line of opaque printing inks for printing on darker colors too.

There are many ink options available to you, but Speedball is my top choice. First off, their inks are designed specifically for use on fabrics but can also be used on paper, cardboard and wood. As I mentioned before, Speedball offers inks in a variety of colors ranging from standard processing colors but also includes opaque and glow in the dark colors. Their fabrics inks are water based, so they are both non-toxic and eco-friendly (and they also make cleaning messes a bit easier!)

As far as the quality of the prints, I have had nothing less than outstanding results. I’ll admit, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to learning how to print evenly and how to use the correct amount of ink, but once you have the technique mastered, you will see that their ink is phenomenal for a do-it-yourself job. After your print is properly heat set (if you don’t have a full printing set up, use your trusty and handy iron to do so!), you will notice that the ink can withstand many cycles in the washer and maintains a soft hand for the print (the ink itself doesn’t feel hard and caked on where the design is screened – it blends in with the feel of the fabric). I have some shirts that I printed a few years back and then ink has held up better than the t-shirt itself!

I have had nothing but positive experiences using Speedball fabric screen printing ink. I can honestly say for as long I continue to do all of my own printing, it will be my go-to brand for inks.

Happy Printing!