A Guide to Victoria's Secret Add Two Cups Bombshell Bras and Swimwear

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Victoria's Secret is well known for producing sexy lingerie and they regularly introduce new lingerie designs into their collection. One of their specialties is the push up bra. If you are looking to really up the ante when it comes to cleavage you might

Some Victoria’s Secret models have admitted that during Victoria’s Secret photo shoots they have worn multiple chicken fillets in their bras to create that sexy high volume cleavage effect we see in photos. Many a woman has utilized chicken fillets for a special occasion, but on a day to basis it would probably be pretty uncomfortable wearing multiple chicken fillets in your bra. Thankfully, you can now create a similar effect by simply putting on a Victoria’s Secret bombshell bra. If you are considering buying this bra and are wondering what to expect from the design, read on for some answers.

Does it really give you good cleavage?

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell range was originally called the Miraculous range.  For your information the Miraculous bra gets a 4.3 rating out of 5 at MakeupAlley. Many women with A and B cup sizes comment that they are impressed with the results. For example, Themonsunxxx (bra size 34A) says “This bra claims to increase the look of your breasts two sizes larger. Honestly, the claim is VERY true. My little boobs have great cleavage and size in this bra!”

Personally, it is the best bra I’ve tried to date when it comes to creating good cleavage.

Is it comfortable to wear?

I’d say it has a similar comfort rating to other push up bras. It doesn’t dig in and the right size stays in place, but it could feel unusual if you are not used to wearing a padded push up design.

Is it heavy?

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bras and swim tops are heavier than lightly lined styles and perhaps some air bras, however they do tend to be lighter in comparison to some of the other brands that also offer bras and swimsuit tops that add the equivalent of 2 cup sizes to your bra. For example, I have found them lighter than La Senza styles and they definitely tend to be lighter that gel filled styles.

Does it create any gape between the cup and your breast?

Personally I have found the Bombshell bra to be one of the best designs when it comes to sitting flush against the breasts. With some other brands I have found that the design of the padding creates a significant amount of gape. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to swimsuit tops as you don’t want to be revealing more than you intended to. Remember that fit is very important when it comes to getting a bra to sit flat and you can vary in size from bra to bra. So consider trying a few sizes or get professionally fitted at a Victoria’s Secret store.

Does it have much padding?

Yes, the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bras and swim tops do feature a lot of padding. It’s this padding that not only pushes the breasts up and together, but helps add the appearance of two cup sizes. If you don’t like heavily padded bras, it probably won’t be to your liking. However, those used to some extra padding will probably consider it worth wearing for the effect they get.