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A Beautiful Skylight Garden

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Many people who have skylights don't realize that they have a superb opportunity for a garden.

Having a skylight garden presents itself with the best situation for hanging plants, since all the light is coming from overhead. You will love the look of plants in your skylight room.

Plants can be hung around the sides of the skylight, some high and some low. If there is nothing directly under the skylight, such as a table or passageway, this striking cascade of plants could reach to the floor. You might even want to build a large pebble tray of the same size as the skylight and create a floor-level tray garden to mirror the one hanging above. A flexible arrangement for hanging plants can be achieved by attaching a metal grid below the skylight.

Using only one plant variety in a hanging garden can create a spectacular effect. Unattractive arrangements are most likely to result from an attempt to combine plants. A striking display of six perfect spider plants will draw more praise than a random assortment of plants, with their ever-lengthening stems. The spider plant is especially useful. The all-green variety, Chlorophytum comosum (originally called the airplane plant because of its flying offsets) is a stronger grower than the variegated variety. Its entire leaf produces food, both the white areas in the leaves of variegated plants do not. Ferns of all kinds, especially the Boston types (which are varieties of Nephrolepis exaltata), renew themselves from the center, as do the asparagus fern Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri' and all the Hoya species.

Pots of trailing plants can be kept full, high, and bushy in the center by reintroducing small rooted cuttings of the parent plant into the main pot. That pot, by the way, should be plastic. Hanging plants dry out too quickly to bear the added porosity of clay pots, not to mention inherent weight problems.

Large architectural plants and the changeable beauties that temporarily fill plant stations operate as loners for the most part. Yet that's not the way indoor gardening is normally done. If you have more than four potted plants, you probably have a great many, and if they are bumping against one another and competing for light and attention, they probably look more like a hodgepodge than a well-ordered potted garden. Yet, interesting gardens can be made from collections of potted plants, small and large. That is why it is a great idea to use your skylight area to add beauty and interest to your home.


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