99designs vs. Amazon Mechanical Turk vs. UpWork vs. Fiverr: Best Crowdsourcing and Freelance Tools

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99designs is a great crowdsourcing tool for anyone that needs a custom logo designed. They offer several pricing plans and customers will receive between 30 and 90 custom designed logos to choose from. Amazon Mechanical Turk is an interesting type of crow


99designs began in 2008, and they claim to be the largest online graphic marketplace in the world. That claim is probably true since they work with freelance logo designers from around the world. Their network of freelance logo designers consists of more than one million talented designers.

How 99designs Works

Getting a new logo designed for your company is easy at 99designs. Customers that need a new logo designed can follow these simple steps:

  • Build a design brief: Tell 99designs about your business and what exactly you need designed. The more details you can give, the better the designs will be.
  • Pick a design package: Picking the right design package for your needs is easy.
  • Launch your contest: They will share your design contest with their community of logo designers of more than 1.2 million professional designers from all over the world.
  • Receive dozens of designs: From around the world and around the clock, designers will submit designs for you. Customers can log into their account and see each design and then let them know which ones you like.
  • Give feedback: Customers can use ratings, feedback and comments to help designers shape the logo design to your needs. The more detailed your feedback is, the easier it is for designers to bring your logo designs to life.
  • Pick your favorite: After 7 days, you will be able to choose the winner of your design contest. The winning designer will get the prize money and customers will get the full design copyrights.
  • Download the design: At this stage, you can download your design and put it to use for your company and needs.
  • Meet a designer: if you already have met a designer you love, you can continue to work with that logo designer.

99designs Categories

99designs can create logo designs for all of your needs in the following main categories:

  • Logo and Identity
  • Web and App Design including WordPress theme designs and social media pages
  • Business and Advertising
  • Clothing and Merchandise
  • Art and Illustration
  • Packaging and Labels
  • Books and Magazine covers
  • And many more logo designs

99designs can create a logo for all types of businesses. 99designs makes it easy to get started. Customers can click on one of many business categories and get started with the right logo designer for that business type.

99designs Pricing

99designs has four packages with the following prices and features:









Logos on a budget

Best value

Attract expert logo designers

Only the best logo designers

Expect ~ 30 designs

Expect ~ 60 designs

Expect ~ 90 designs

Expect ~ 60 premium designs

Good logo designers

Better logo designers

Expert logo designers

Exceptional logo designers


Dedicated manager

Dedicated manager


Handpicked logo designers

All packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee and full copyright ownership of the final design. All packages include the prize for logo designer, fees and commissions.

99design Logo Design Services

99designs also offers more logo design services from their crowdsourcing group of logo designers that include:

  • Logo and brand identity pack
  • Logo and social media pack
  • Logo and hosted website
  • Logo and business cards
  • Stationary
  • Product packaging
  • Web page design
  • Book cover
  • T-shirt
  • Product label
  • Banner ad

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing tool and website that many people might not have heard of. It is a part of Amazon.com, but completely different in that there are no products to buy. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a place for anyone looking for a certain task to be accomplished that cannot readily be done with a computer. Conversely, those looking to make some extra money can register to work with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk Works

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a little different than other crowdsourcing tools. They have what they call HITS, which stands for Human Intelligent Tasks. These tasks are needed by Mechanical Task Requesters, in other words, those that need the task completed.

The requesters post their task and registered individuals (Mechanical Turk Worker) can search for a task that interests them, take a task, accomplish the task and get paid for completing the task.

Advantages for the requesters are:

  • Has access to a global, on demand 24/7 workforce to accomplish the task that is needed.
  • The ability to get thousands of tasks or HITS completed within minutes.
  • Requesters only have to be paid when they are satisfied with the results.

Advantages for the Mechanical Turk Worker include:

As a requester needing some off job accomplished, you will first fund your account with Amazon, so workers can be paid for your tasks. After this, all you have to do is post your tasks and wait for the results of the completed jobs.

Without question, many of these job requests or tasks are rather odd or off the wall, and for the most part simple to accomplish. At this time, there are currently 395,728 HITS available and waiting to be accomplished.

Amazon Mechanical Turk for Workers

Once you sign in to Amazon Mechanical Turk, you will have a Dashboard that will contain all of your information and your worker ID number.

Workers can click on the HITS button and see a list of available HITS for you. Each HIT shows the requester’s name, the HIT expiration date, the time allotted since accepting, the number of HITS in that group and the pay for that task.

Amazon Mechanical Turk workers have to take and pass a qualification test for some task categories, but not all. These qualification tests grant you certain levels upon completion. These qualifications are not hard to pass at all, since most of the tasks are very simple. The tasks that do require getting qualified seems to pay better.

Many of the qualification tests are just to make sure you know how to do the task. For example, many of the tasks are language translation tasks, and the qualification is just to make sure you actually know the language to be translated.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay

Amazon Mechanical Turk pay is usually very low, with many of these tasks only paying between 2 and 10 cents. But these types of tasks usually take just minutes to complete. There are other tasks that pay as much as $1 to $2.50, which of course take longer and are more in depth.

The best way to earn any type of money is to get qualified for many categories of tasks and take only the ones that pay 50 cents and higher. If you are not finding jobs you want to do, hit refresh often as jobs are constantly being added.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Jobs

Jobs that workers can do and jobs that requesters can get done can range from finding an address to writing a quick product review. There is a wide selection of jobs that you can ask for or accomplish. A few of the jobs listed include:

  • Select the correct spelling for these search terms
  • Identifying an object in a photo
  • Rate the search results for this word
  • Translate a paragraph from French to English
  • Categorize the tone of an article
  • Transcribe audio recordings

That is just a very small list of the HITS or tasks requesters can ask to have done or Amazon Mechanical Turk workers can complete.

It was last reported that Amazon Mechanical Turk was only accepting workers from the United States. Keep checking because this policy could change at any time.


UpWork is a great platform for companies to find and work with the best independent professionals from around the world. Their goal is to provide a trusted online workplace to connect freelancers with companies that need their services.

UpWork Freelance Job Categories

UpWork offers many categories for companies to find a freelancer. You can browse freelancers by job categories and by skills. Their main job categories include the following types of work:

  • IT and Networking
  • Web, Mobile and Software Development
  • Administrative
  • Writing
  • Design and Creative
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Translation
  • Customer Service

UpWork has many different categories to search through, which makes it easy for companies to find the perfect freelancer for the job they need done.

UpWork Freelancers

UpWork has skilled freelancers in several countries, and customers can search for a freelancer the following ways:

  • Search by skill
  • Freelancers in the USA
  • Freelancers in the UK
  • Freelancers in Canada
  • Freelancers in Australia

Getting the Job Done at UpWork

Businesses can find freelancers on UpWork for any type of job; whether it is short term, long term, big, small, a team or individual based job with follow these steps:

  • Post your job: Describe what you need done, and UpWork will connect you with the best matches. You will then start receiving applications within minutes. It is free to post your job.
  • Hire: You will be able to compare freelancer portfolios, customer feedback and work history. You can then interview your favorite freelance choices and hire with the click of a button.
  • Collaborate: You will have the ability to communicate with your team and follow the projects progress with real-time reporting and tracking.
  • Pay: You will have the choice to pay your hired freelancers via credit card, PayPal or bank account. All payments will go through their secure system.

UpWork Fees for Freelancers

UpWork charges freelancers a sliding fee based on how much work a freelancer does with a client. Their fees are as follows:

  • 20% for the first $500 billed with the client
  • 10% for lifetime billings with the client between $500.01 and $10,000
  • 5% for lifetime billings with the client that exceeds $10,000


Fiverr is a marketplace that connects freelancers with those that need jobs accomplished. If you are looking for a job that needs to get done or if you are a freelancer looking for work, Fiverr can help. Thousands of freelancers advertise their services in over 100 categories and there are currently more than 3 million services listed.

Fiverr Freelance Hiring Site

You can search for a freelancer by job category, trending collections or featured gigs. Fiverr also has a great news and stories section with helpful articles for freelancers.

Their job categories include:

Fiverr has subcategories within each of their main topics and you can refine your search by language, delivery time and other topic specific refinements. All of the jobs posted by a freelancer starts at $5 and every freelancer has a rating, reviews and a complete description of the jobs they offer.

For those looking for a freelancer to do a job, all you have to do is browse the job category and choose the freelancer, place the order and you’re done. Signing up for Fiverr is free and they offer 24/7 customer support.

Selling Your Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is great for both buyers and those selling their freelance services. They have an excellent FAQ that can help you get started with selling your gigs and signing up is free.

As a seller you can do the following on Fiverr:

  • Create your gig with job descriptions, photos, meta tags and everything else a seller needs to describe their services.
  • Manage sales
  • View your gig statistics
  • Manage sales
  • View and export your earnings
  • View your sale analytics

Earning Money on Fiverr

The freelancer prices their work and most jobs start at $5 to $10, but can go much higher. For example, if you sell one service at $5, you can include more at higher prices. Buyers of your service will pay for their orders in advance.

Fiverr Fees for Freelancers

As a freelancer, it is free to join Fiverr. There are no subscription fees to list your services. The fee that Fiverr charges is 20%. For example, if you charge $10 for a completed job, you will be paid $8 into your account and Fiverr is paid $2.

Freelancers should be aware that Fiverr will deduct the fees for payment, such as the PayPal fee, direct deposit fees, etc. This is spelled out on the Terms of Service page.