9 Celebrities Who Were Teachers and Still Are Teachers

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This article is about celebrities who pursued a teaching career before becoming famous. Every celebrity did not become a star overnight. Some earned a college education and pursued other jobs, careers before pursing acting or a singing career. Some of t

These celebrities are either former teachers or became teachers after pursuing a career in acting and music. 


Roberta Flack is a jazz and R&B singer.  She graduated with a BA in Music from Howard University.  She taught music at the junior high school in Washington, D.C.for many years.  She also taught private piano lessons out of her home in Washington, D.C.


Al Freeman Jr. is an actor and known for his role in One Life to Live.  He is an acting Professor at Howard University for 16 years. He teaches Speech for the Microphone, Character/Scene study for Junior Level Acting and Acting for TV and Film for Senior Level.


Mark Goddard acted in many televison programs like CW’s Supernatural, Lost in Space, General Hospital, One Life to Live and many other programs.  He is a teacher at the Chamberlain School in Middleboro, Massachusetts.  This is a facility for students with behavior problems.


Janet Alvarez Gonzalez  was a director and political reporter for PBS, FOX and Jay Sears News Services in the early 1980’s.  According to the Internet Movie Database, later on she worked as executive producer, script writer supervisor, and hosted several top television shows at Teletica, Bolivision, Telemundo, Univision, and Pentagon Network.  Janet Alvarez Gonzalez has a Ph.D. in Business Administration in Marketing.   Dr. Alvarez taught Mass Communications and Marketing in many universities across the world.  


Andy Griffith taught English at Goldsboro High School in Goldsboro, North Carolina for a period of time. 


He is an actor and known for his roles in Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek and Sanctuary.  He earned a degree in Teaching at the Memorial University in Canada.   He taught Theatre in Toronto after graduating.  He also taught scene study at Vancouver’s Film School.


Gene Simmons is an actor and singer.  He was an elementary school teacher before forming the Rock Group KISS.


Mr. T is an actor.  He is known for his role a BA in A-team and also for T and T series.  He was gym teacher in Chicago in the 1970’s. 


He was the most successful head coach of UCLA basketball team.  He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in teaching at Purdue University in Indiana.  He also majored in English and taught English at South Bend Central High School. 

Source: IMDB (Internet Movie Database)


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