8 Amazing Health Benefits of Calcium

Updated September 29, 2011

Calcium is an essential mineral for the healthy maintenance of the body. Following are the amazing health benefits of Calcium.

1. Calcium Strengthens Bones: Calcium is important for keeping your bones strong and healthy. By maintaining sufficient amounts of calcium intake daily, you will be able to prevent skeletal complaints like arthritis and osteoporosis. Calcium is beneficial for reducing back pain as it strengthens the bones and cartilages in the back, which ensures the right shape to the body apart from alleviating the risks of back pain and fracture.

2. Calcium Helps Build And Maintain Healthy Teeth: Calcium deficiency causes the jawbone to surrender calcium to the rest of the body. As a result of this, your jaw weakens and your teeth loosen, leading to gaps that could allow bacteria to invade and infect it. Calcium protects your teeth by keeping the jaw bone strong and sturdy all through your life, which in turn ensures tight fitting teeth where bacteria cannot thrive. Calcium is also essential for preventing yellowing of the teeth.

3. Calcium Protects Heart: Effect of calcium deficiency is manifested by the release of calcitrol in the body, which causes the muscles walls of arteries to constrict, thus causing the blood pressure to rise. Sufficient intake of calcium can help cardiac muscles to do the contraction and relaxation properly. It also helps regulate the level of pressure in your arteries.

4. Calcium Prevents Colon Cancer: The adequate intake of calcium can reduce the risk of colon cancer by suppressing the growth of polyps that cause colon cancer.

5. Calcium Prevents Premenstrual Blues: Getting enough calcium can ease the symptoms of PMS like dizziness, mood swings, and hypertension and so on.

6. Calcium Helps in the Transportation of Nutrients: Another one of the health benefits of calcium is that it helps in facilitating the movement of nutrients across cell membranes and helps absorb the nutrients.

7. Calcium Ensures a Healthy Alkaline pH Level: The pH balance of the body is critical for maintaining good health. Calcium buffers the blood to maintain a healthy alkaline pH level necessary to keep us alive. This buffer maintains the alkaline level in the blood.

8. Cure Insomnia with Calcium: One of the many causes of insomnia is lack of calcium. Studies have found that calcium helps produce melatonin, which causes sleep. Normal blood levels of calcium will give you a sound sleep.

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients required by our body. Sufficient amounts of calcium in our diet bring many long-term health benefits to our body. Develop a habit of drinking milk regularly and also consuming other calcium-rich foods like fish, soya bean products, tofu, nuts, and green leafy vegetables for promoting better health.