6 Ways to Control Your Allergies Without Medication

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How to help control season allergies without medication

As a fellow sufferer of allergies, year round allergies to be specific, I have tried everything under the sun to aid in my relief. I have been on every over the counter medication, many prescription medications and allergy shots, which lead to nothing but a dent in my wallet. Several month before I became pregnant with our son, I refused to put any medication into my body.  No more shots, pills, syrups, etc.  I would suffer for the next year or so. And suffer, I did.  I began researching homeopathic remedies which lead to even more money spent.  Money that I didn't have.  I then began to change my lifestyle.

What to do:

Be sure to wash your bedding weekly.  Wash in hot water and DO NOT HANG ON THE LINE TO DRY!  Although the smell of laundry dried in the warm sun is alluring, your bedding/clothes simply collect more pollen.  Dry bedding in the dryer in hot because the heat will kill any dust mites that may be lurking on your blankets.

Get rid of throw pillows and stuffed animals if you can.  Throw pillow can be a beautiful accent to a bedroom or living room but they also hold allergens.  Pet hair can be held on these items even if you do not have a pet! Visitors to your home bring allergens with them.  Once a week, throw pillows and stuffed animals into the dryer on hot for about 15 minutes to kill dust mites and rid yourself of some allergens.

Shower before bed. Make sure you shower and wash your hair before you jump into your cozy and clean bed.  This will wash away the pollen that you have collected on your body throughout the day. Don't forget about Fido.  Remember, if you have an animal that enjoys the outdoors, they too are bringing  allergens into your home.  Since bathing your dog or cat, or any animal for that matter, every day is a little crazy, you may have to change their habits.  As hard as it may be, your bedroom and or bed, should not be a resting place for your pup.  Set up a nice little blanket for your animal to curl up on and treat it like your bedding.  Wash it every week, (even a few times more if you can) and remember not to hang it on the line.

Stay indoors during peak pollen times. During allergy season, most weather reports given a pollen rating.  Try to stay indoors during high pollen times.  If you are lucky enough to have air conditioning, turn that on instead of opening the windows.  Open windows are a invitation for pollen to reek havoc in your home. WebMD has a pollen counter that will help you judge pollen count in your area. http://www.webmd.com/allergies/healthtool-pollen-counter-calculator

Your yard. Keep your grass short.  On days that you are gardening, Change out of your clothes before you make it to your bedroom so you do not expose your room to the pollen.  Choose plants for your garden that are better for people with allergies and no what to avoid.  Check out this website for more information: http://health.blogs.foxnews.com/tag/pollen/

Wear sunglasses.  Not only will sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and save you from crows feet, they can also help block pollen.  Saline solution/Netti Pot. A saline solution or salt water mixture can help you flush the allergens from your nasal cavity.  Invest in a Netti Pot, a simple nasal irrigation devise that looks like a toy teapot from our younger days. The Netti Pot cost around $13.00 and can be purchased at places like Walmart or Target. Keep it in the shower and use it every night.  By following the directions, the Netti Pot cleans the dust, dirt, pollen and pollution from your sinuses making it easier to breath. If the Netti Pot is not for you, purchase a bottle or saline spray at any local drug store for $2.00-$5.00, depending on the brand and size.

Before jumping the gun and purchasing a cabinet full of allergy medications that make you foggy, tired, sick, cranky, moody or have a million and one possible side effects, try a slight lifestyle change.