6 Fast Bon Jovi Songs That Feature The Word Love

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This article features the descriptions, lyrics samples and videos of 6 Bon Jovi songs that are all fast and have love in the title. Includes You Give Love a Bad Name.

Just because a song features the word love, it doesn’t necessarily be a slow number. It can still be about romantic love while rocking the hell out of you or it can be about “loving” something else all together. Or it might not be romantic at all. Here are some examples from Bon Jovi:

You Give Love a Bad Name

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The title pretty much says it all. And the lyrics back it up:

“An angel's smile is what you sell

You promise me heaven then put me through hell

Chains of love got a hold on me

When passion's a prison you can't break free

Whoa! You're a loaded gun (yeah)

Whoa! There's no where to run

No one can save me

The damage is done

Shot through the heart

And you're to blame

You give love a bad name”

It is rumored to be written for actress Diane Lane who dated front man Jon Bon Jovi for a little while in the 80s. We can’t know for sure but we sure can enjoy this 8os rock classic and dedicate to anyone who pisses us off or breaks our hearts in our relationships!

Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll

This is from the 92 album Keep The Faith. It is about love alright. Just not in the classical sense. It is a fun rebellion against anyone- parents/teachers/priests – who doesn’t understand why rocknroll means so much to any rocknroll fan- especially to an aspiring musician who just wants to play his guitar and write songs. No doubt it was inspired by the band members’ memories. Jon Bon Jovi once told in an interview that he was a bad student (and probably a troublemaker) and his teachers promised they would let him pass as long he kept his mouth shut). Oh, and the song also mentions the turn-on effect guitars have on girls.

“All I wanted, all I ever needed

My guitar gave to me

Every song I've sung blame it on love

Every war I've won blame it on love

Everything I've done blame it on love

Blame it on the love of rock-n-roll”

In and Out of Love

Image via http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_nddgBPMhMKg/Si-2ArDgOwI/AAAAAAAAAA8/JzkDXHFzLbk/s320/Bon+Jovi+-+7800+Degrees+Fahrenheit.jpg

The only hit to come out of the band’s second album, 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The song has one of the most fun videos in rock history. Bon Jovi boys are chased all around by their fans, make funny paces and keep on playing their instruments- sometimes even in the weirdest places. Bon Jovi exaggerated their fame in that video. They didn’t become that famous until their 3rd album Slippery When Wet. Still, this one is a solid fast song with energizing riffs.

“In and out of love

Hear what I’m sayin

In and out of love

Its the way that were playing

In and out of love

Too much is never enough

Shes gonna get ya”

Love For Sale

Fun song where we get a little harmonica, lovely lyrics and fun banter between Richie and Jon. From the 4th Bon Jovi album New Jersey- 1988.

“Well I wake up this morning I rolled out of bed

I felt like a dog who's been kicked in the head

Checked out my mail there was letter that read

Love for sale, love for sale”

 Woman in Love

Another Bon Jovi song from Keep The Faith. This song is appreciation for the woman, and why a woman in love is much better than a girl in love. Fun all around.

"Send me some silk stockings

Smooth talking lipstick and curls

I want a woman

More than a girl

Need some lip-locking, cool walking

Diamonds and pearls

I'll wrap 'em all up

And give them the world

You know there ain't no woman

Like a woman in love

Ain't nothing

She can't rise above

She can part the water

When the seas get rough

But there ain't no woman

Like a woman in love”

I Could Make a Living Out of Lovin' You

Image via http://farm1.static.flickr.com/

From the album 2000 album Crush. It is a sweet song with lovely lyrics but it just happens to be sexy and it features great riffs.

“If there's something that needs fixing

I'm the man to see

Look me up, I'm listed

Just check under "B"

If you're ever on the spot

Well, I'm good with my hands

24-7 I'm your handyman

Odd jobs, hard jobs, anything under the sun

Big jobs, small jobs, baby

I'd be a rich man, it's true

If I could make a living out of lovin' you

These two hands know what to do

If I could make a living out of lovin' you

I could make a living out of lovin' you”


Lyrics from azlyrics.com.


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