5 Positive Affirmations for Mothers of Teenagers

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Mothers of teenagers are strong, versatile and stressed to the limit. Positive affirmations help ease the stress.

During the first few weeks of life, new mothers must learn the ins and outs of being a parent. There are struggles as mom bonds with baby and learns eating schedules and sleeping schedules. She may even find a new found love for those time management skills she never thought she’d use outside of school or work. By the time your baby reaches the middle school years, things finally start calming down; then, the teenage years happen. Mothers of teenagers must relearn everything about their teenage children. The struggle between teens and parents is marked in many western cultures, but that doesn’t make the transition any easier. Positive affirmations for mothers of teenagers help ease the pain of parenting teens.

You are not alone. Parenting is a bumpy road. Not all families live like the images we see on the television. Hollywood does a great job of telling the family story with a great beginning, rough middle and beautiful ending, but mothers of teenagers may have trouble seeing the beautiful ending for the stress in the rough middle. Rest assured, you are not the first mother to experience teenage angst and you won’t be the last though sometimes it feels as though you’re the only person on earth.

Teens test boundaries to learn more about themselves. While most parents want to protect their children from the coarseness of real life experiences, that is impossible and unhealthy. Teens test boundaries to learn more about parents and themselves. Even though it hurts, mothers of teenagers must let go once in a while and allow teens to make mistakes. Mistakes are at the heart of maturity.

No, your teen does not hate you. It’s easier for your teen to say they hate you than to say thank you for all your support and careful guidance. Mothers of teenagers may not be the top person on their teen’s friend list, but they are the go-to person when a teen really needs an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

Your teen will grow out of this tumultuous stage. A pediatrician once told me to lay off the potty training and allow my child to train naturally. What struck me was his reasoning. He said, “You don’t see a bunch of Kindergarteners wearing diapers do you?” The same can be said for teens. Teens move through the roughest stages in middle school and high school. By the time they graduate, maturity has set in and your stress levels falls dramatically.

Other mothers of teenagers are there to help you survive these years. When times seem roughest, reach out to other mothers of teenagers for a helping hand. Sometimes all it takes is a small talk with a friend to ease the pain and relieve stress.

Mothers of teenagers are some of the strongest people in the world. Even though the teenage years feel like they last a lifetime, they’ll soon fly by and you’ll be left with a strong, independent 20-something.