5 Natural Benefits of Calamansi Juice to Health and Beauty

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Learn the 5 Natural Benefits of Calamansi Juice to Health and Beauty. This article provides detailed information about the importance and beneficial roles of calamansi for the maintenance of a healthy and beautiful body.

Most of the time, we suffer from illnesses which are caused by the infection of foreign microorganisms into our body. This is due to our immune system that is why many individuals are seeking for the best natural ways to boost the body's immune system and prevent these illnesses.

Health conscious people consider natural methods of treatment and prevention rather than chemicals. When it comes to boosting the body's immune system, citrus fruits are the star of the table. Citrus fruits have high Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C content which is very effective in boosting the body's immune system in a natural way. Eating citrus fruits every day could prevent the body from being invaded by foreign microorganisms that cause infections. There are many natural benefits of calamansi juice to health and beauty beside of boosting the immune system. Some health conscious people believe that calamansi could even used for effective shaping of the body. These are the natural benefits of calamansi juice to health and beauty.

Used as Healthy Food Condiments

Most Asian recipes use calamansi as healthy food condiments. Its juice is healthy, when mixed with garlic, onions, and other spices it is best used for marinating pork, beef, and chicken meat. Calamansi juice is also used as a sauce for roasted meats usually mixed with soy sauce.

Reduces Fish Smell

The sour taste and scent of the calamansi juice make it perfect to reduce the odor of fish and other sea foods. This is great because there is no need to use chemical based products to reduce the odor of fish. Calamansi is much cheaper, more effective and healthier to the body.

Effective as Skin Bleaching Agent

It is always better to take care of the skin using natural ingredient. Most of us have sensitive skin that chemically made products could easily cause irritations. One of the natural benefits of calamansi juice is it acts as a natural skin bleaching agent for the maintenance of healthy skin. The juice or extract from the calamansi fruit is effectively used for both face and skin without irritation. However, the extract should only be applied on face twice a week to avoid over acidity.

Removes Stains

The acid from the calamansi extract is perfect for stained clothes. Its mild acid can remove the stains, so why use bleaching products that could destroy the fibers of the cloth? This pulp of calamansi can be rubbed on the stained part of the cloth and this should be applied immediately while the stain is still fresh.

Effects as Body Cleanser

Other natural benefits of calamansi juice are its ability to remove and cleanse the body's dirt. Every day, we always accumulate dirt from our surroundings and removing dirt naturally could maintain a healthy skin. Calamansi can loosen the dirt on the skin which could be easily removed when a person took a bath.

Those are the best natural benefits of calamansi juice for both health and beauty. Using natural fruits and vegetables to maintain a good health and beauty is the best way to avoid harmful side effects of chemically made products. In addition, calamansi is far cheaper when compared to other over the counter beauty and health products but with the similar benefits.

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Sibt-e-Hassan Raja
Posted on Jan 27, 2012