5 Movies Set in France: French Kiss, Before Sunset, From Paris with Love, Taken, Il Y a Longtemps Que Je T'aime

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List of 5 movies set in France, their movie posters and plot summaries featuring French Kiss, From Paris with Love, I've loved you so long, Before Sunset and Taken.

France is no doubt a beautiful country and filmmakers love taking advantage of it. Whether be it an American film, a French-American collaboration or a French film, France and most popularly Paris, becomes the favorite choice for directors of any genre. Here are 5 good movies that take place in France:

French Kiss starring Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline and Timothy Hutton

French Kiss starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline

French Kiss’ story starts in Canada with American Kate (Meg Ryan). She is happily coupled up with fiancée Charlie (Timothy Hutton) and can’t wait to start a family together. However a business trip takes him to France. Being afraid of flying, and waiting for her immigration procedures to come true, she can’t go with him. But a short time later, Charlie calls her to say that he is in love with a French woman. Now despite her fear and the possibility of deportation, she gets on a plane to get Charlie back. But on the plane, she sits next to the French thief Luc (Kevin Kline) and nothing will ever be the same again…

The France part of the story starts in Paris and later we are taken to a beautiful countryside where Luc’s family is running a vineyard.

The movie is a romantic comedy where everything that can go wrong does, but the accidents and bad luck serve to bring Luc and Kate together and eventually falling for each other. The movie was directed by Lawrence Kasdan.

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime (I've loved you for so long) starring Kristin Scott Thomas

I've loved you so long starring Kristin Scott Thomas

This French film stars an English actress, Kristin Scott Thomas (best remembered with her role in The English Patient) in a French speaking role.

The film tells the story of Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas), a French woman who has just finished her prison sentence of 15 years. She moves in with her eager- to -help sister Léa. Of course Léa’s husband is not all that willing since Juliette has killed her own son. What would drive a mother to do such a thing? After all, Juliette is not a monster…

The movie is the story of Juliette’s readjusting to life after prison, getting used to having a family and trying to let go of her own demons. The movie was written and directed by Philippe Claudel.

Before Sunset starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

Before Sunset starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

Before Sunset is the 2004 sequel to 1995’s Before Sunrise, also starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Before Sunrise told us the story of Celine and Jesse- a young French woman and a young American guy- who meet on a train journey and decide to get off the train in Vienna together, in order to spend the day with each other. They walk through the streets, get to know each other and end up falling for each other. We are left with an open ending where they decide to meet again.

Before Sunset takes us to Paris where Celine is living and Jesse is visiting as a part of his book tour. He has penned their experience together in Vienna and is now a best-selling author. We find out what happened to their promise and what happened to their lives in the course of those 9 years, as they walk the streets of Paris this time.

Both movies were directed and co-written by Richard Linklater. However, the second film was also co-written by its leading actors Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Taken starring Liam Neeson

Taken starring Liam Neeson

Ex- Secret Service agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has a teenage daughter named Kim (Maggie Grace) from his ex-wife (Famke Janssen). Bryan is reluctant to give permission to Kim’s vacation plans with her friend- which includes a couple of weeks away from home, in Paris. However Bryan is left with no choice and Kim leaves with her friend. However, the cute stranger the girls meet at the airport is working in slave trade and they are his newest marks. Before the girls are captured, Kim manages to call her father to let him know what’s happening. Bryan records the call, gets his gear and leaves for Paris to find his daughter and her friend. It is a fast race against time until Bryan can manage to save the girls. Co-written by Luc Besson and directed by Pierre Morel.

From Paris with Love starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

From Paris with Love starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Travolta

From Paris with Love is another impressive action film set in Paris. It stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Travolta and tells the story of a young agent (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) working for the American Embassy, and his obligation to work with the smart but eccentric agent Charlie Wax (John Travolta) in order to be able to become a field agent. However, they just need to stop terrorists first. Just like Taken, From Paris with Love’s story belongs to Luc Besson and the director is also Pierre Morel.

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