5 Most Dangerous Cities on the Tectonic Plates

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Five most dangerous cities on earth are lying on the ever changing tectonic plates.

They are dangerous not because they are in the battle field zone, or high crime vicinity but rather, these cities are dangerous for their geological whereabouts. These cities are lying in the world’s most unpredictable and hazardous zone – the tectonic plates.


Japan’s capital city is known as the most dangerous zone to be. The heart of Japan is lying on the violent and constantly shifting tectonic plates. It is at the junction of 3 tectonic plates, which are the Eurasian plate, the Philippine plate and the Pacific plate. They are formed and known as the subduction zone. It is the plate that dives beneath another.  The always shifting activities of the three tectonic plates are causing catastrophic earthquakes in history and the threats of tsunamis are in the immediate area.  The recent tsunami in Japan was one of the geological activities that occurred on those plates. Even with its well built buildings and facilities, the result of the earthquake and tsunami are unfathomable.


Istanbul is located at the Northern Anatolia tectonic plate. The city has a population of 1.3 million people. Istanbul has a lot of historical building and natural wonders, however, its facilities and buildings are not build to stand against earthquake. Once the tectonic plate is overactive, it can cause a huge problem to a dense population.


The northwest city of United States of America is well known for Boeing, Microsoft, Starbuck, Seattle’s best, Tully, mountains, lakes, natural forest is the third most dangerous places on earth.

Despite its beauty, Seattle is located on the border of two tectonic plates. Besides, Seattle is neighbouring to the hibernated volcano Rainier. If the sleeping beauty decides to wake up, Seattle will be in deep trouble especially when Mount Rainier spitting out mudflow without warning. In recent 600 years ago, the mudflows buried Orting and reached Tacoma. The cycle is every 500 years.

Other than mudflows from the eruption of Mount Rainier, Mount Baker was heated on 1975. There are three other volcanoes in Seattle which makes it so breathtakingly beautiful from its geological structures.

Above all, the potential threat of Mount St Helen has never undermined. Its eruption at 1981 still haunting the memory and killed 57 peoples, blew off the top of its dome, incinerating everything in its path. Its devastation is still mind boggling. But the devastation is also making Seattle possesses one of the most dazzling scenery on earth.

Los Angeles

The capital city of entertainment is not so entertained when it comes to tectonic plate. The city has frequent earthquakes to be counted. Historically, violent earthquake in Los Angeles occurred twice, their duration is between 45 to 144 years. The last huge earthquake from now is 153 years old. If the earthquake strikes, it would be a massive earthquake which might cause the casualties to reach 5 million people.

San Francisco

In 1906, the massive earthquake struck San Francisco and caused immeasurable damage. The city is located at the San Andreas Fault Line, and it is always in fragile state. San Andreas Fault line is the strike slip fault which is the plate grinds against the other plate.  Seismologist estimated in the next 30 years, the city’s earthquake rate is increasing to 62 percent.


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