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5 Easy Blog Enhancements

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After establishing your blog, you want to make blog enhancements. Here are five easy ways to enhance your blog.

It is simply not enough to be like all of the other blogs, you must have something which sets you apart from the field. Having a Blogger journal or a Wordpress journal is great for the beginner, but there is very little customization that will make the reader believe that you are truly unique. Here are some ways to enhance your blog.

1. Hire a designer

You have been around the blogosphere for several months and have realized that you are ready for the next step. You have seen all of the functionality of the Blogger platform or the Livejournal arena, but what unique things can you offer to the field? Would you like to draw more posts? Would you like to have your posts look like The Oatmeal's? Are you interested in having the same sort of playfulness like Gublerland? Your imagination is your only limitation.

2. Simplicity

Approach your blog from the perspective of a new user. You want there to be a simple and easy path to guide you. You do not want to have to hunt for any available posts. You do not want to contend with huge graphics that slow down even the fastest systems. Think about your blog from a user perspective. The best tactic to take with simplicity is to remove everything and add back the parts that you wish to keep.

3. Make buttons bigger

If you want your readers to subscribe to your blog, make the RSS button larger. If you want your users to tweet about the awesomeness of your blog, make sure that the little bird is very visible. If you have awesome content, sharing should be made as easy and as painless as possible. This feeds into the previous point. Simplicity makes people stay.

4. Readibility

Readers do not want to own a magnifying glass to see your content. They do not want to think about your choice of having dark green lettering on a dark pink background. Make your content readible. In the effort to be unique, you might decide that loud colors are the way to go, but loud colors only turn users off. There has recently been a migration to pastels.

5. Widgets

Widgets are a dual-edged sword. You do not want to have way too many widgets, nor do you want to have so few as to make the blog nonfunctional. Your readers want to see some sort of change from the last time that they were at your blog. Look for widgets that share the top commenter, last visitors or most recent comments. Reward your favorites with mentions on your blog.

Enhance your blog so that you enjoy it more. Ultimately, it is an expression of your own unique passion. Make subtle enhancements and ask for feedback from your readers. Ask them for suggestions. After all, they are looking at your blog from an entirely different perspective. Each measure that you take to enhance your blog potentially means more visitors.

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Sara Khan
Posted on Feb 29, 2016

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