4 Simple Ways for Smokers to Keep That New Car Smell

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Smokers: Looking for simple ways to keep your car smelling fresh and new? Whether you carpool or drive alone, who wants to ride in a stinky car? Many smokers end up smoking in their car even with best intentions not to do so...these tips help to ensure a

You just bought a new car and want it to stay smelling fresh and clean. But, you smoke. What is the answer? Can you REALLY keep it smelling great while enjoying a smoke as you drive? The answer is yes! Of course the best way to keep your car smelling new is not to smoke in the car at all, but for most smokers, that is easier said than done. So if you are going to smoke in the car, try these tips and see for yourself.

Removable, covered ashtrays come in many styles and most fit into the cup holder. The lid keeps the smell from permeating the upholstery, carpet and headliner. The ability to simply pick up the ashtray and dump it when you go into the house means you will be more likely to remove it more often. The fact that it has a lid means it won’t stink up the house until you put it back in the car. An added bonus is that a lot of these ashtrays also have tiny LED lights in them so you don’t risk burning your console or seat while driving and tamping your cigarette.

Turn on your heater or air conditioner and spray Febreeze air freshener below the dash near the air intake vent. Run the system about 2 minutes while unloading your car or just spray when you enter the car while you are putting on your seat belt, aligning the mirror, fetching your sunglasses, etc.  If you want to spray the headliner above the driver’s seat, that’s fine – just be careful to spray at least 8 inches away so that you don’t actually get it “wet”.

Place a box of Arm & Hammer refrigerator deodorizer in an inconspicuous spot such as under the seat or in the hatchback near one side. These nifty little packages have a net-type covering that is exposed when one side of the carton is pulled back and do a great job of absorbing smells of all types – not just cigarette smoke. Remember to replace it at least once every 3 months.

Crack the window while you smoke and blow the smoke predominantly out the window. Sounds simple, but next time you smoke while driving, see where you blow your smoke. Many people don’t realize they blow it toward the windshield which sends it straight up to the headliner and onto the dash.