4 Main Causes of Excessive Blinking of the Eyes in Children

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Learn the 4 Main Causes of Excessive Blinking of the Eyes in Children. This article provides important information about the most common reasons of too much eye blinks in children which could indicate health problems.

Blinking of the eyes is most noticed in young children, but most parents ignore this as they thought it is just a normal activity of the body. However, blinking excessively especially young children could indicate health or habit problems and this should be taken seriously and immediately prevented.

Blinking is basically the movement of the eye muscles because of some reasons of protecting the eyes involuntarily. It is normal to humans to blink, this is because the eyelids have the ability to protect the eyes forms dusts, excessive amount of light, as well as drying of the eyes. This is the best protector of the eyes from dusts, basically, blinking of the eyes in children is necessary for removing the dusts. There are many causes of excessive blinking of the eyes in children, these are very important to know to prevent excessive blinking in the future.

When a person blinks, the tears located at the upper eyelids are moved inside the eyes. This makes the eyes hydrated preventing from drying, in addition, any dusts is also removed from the eyes. Normal children only blink up to 20 times in a single minute, however, when they blink several times above 20, and then there is what we call excessive blinking. This is not good for children because it can cause annoyance as well as embarrassment when other children notice excessive blinking. Too much blinking also indicates some serious health problem which could be prevented at its early notice.

Causes of Excessive Blinking in Children


Tics are one of the most common causes of excessive blinking of the eyes in children because of the repetitive reaction of the eye muscles involuntarily. Tics which are temporary could only last for up to a month, however, severe tics might lead up to a year. However, chances of tics that last for a year are very low in children.

Allergies and Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are also one of the most common causes of excessive blinking of the eyes in children. Basically, children feel not comfortable because of eyes drying up so they need to blink excessively to prevent drying of the eyes. Allergies could also lead to excessive blinking this is because of the irritation felt from the eyes which causes excessive blinking in children.


Hair dandruff and bacterial infections could cause inflammation on the eyelids which eventually lead to too much number of eye blinks. In addition, it could also cause children to scratch their irritated eyes which could lead to inflammation or infection.


Habit of blinking is also another cause of excessive blinking in children. There are many causes of developing this habit like tiredness and stress. However, this habit could be stopped once the children have something to do to focus on.

Some children may have the habit of blinking. It may be due to tiredness, sitting idle or being stressed out. These habits may disappear if the child themselves notice it and try and engage to themselves in doing something or the other.

These are the Causes of Excessive Blinking of the Eyes in Children. This eye problem should be prevented as much as possible since children have sensitive eyes. This problem may lead to headaches as well as vision problems, it is very important to seek for the advice of eye specialist for proper medication.

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