3D Movies Of The 1980's

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The early 1980's saw a revival of the 3D movies. Some were good and some were not so good.

After a successful run in the 1950’s, 3D movies made a comeback during the early 1980’s. Most of them had less then memorable 3D effects, but some of them were quite exciting. Here are some of the most famous 3D movies of the 1980’s.

Comin’ At Ya! (1981)

This over-the-top western started the 3D craze of the 80’s. The loose plot features a bank robber who must rescue his wife from kidnappers. The story took backseat to the effects which featured many instances of objects flying directly at the audience. Although the movie has been widely panned, it led to rash of 3D movies that followed in its footsteps.

Parasite (1982)

Parasite is about a scientist that creates a parasite and attaches it to himself. There are a couple of scenes where the monster jumps right at the screen. This movie is famous for being the first major screen role for Demi Moore.

Firday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

The first Friday The 13th to be filmed in 3D, this movie was supposed to end the series with the final shot of a calm lake. After the film made significantly more at the box office than part 2, the series was revived. Many fans of 3D movies consider Friday The 13th to have some of the best 3D effects of the 1980’s films.

Amityville 3-D (1983)

Amithyvill 3D was the third installment in the Amithyville series. However, because of a lawsuit filed by the original Lutz family, the movie was never referred to as a sequel. Although it was released to the theaters in 3D, the only home version on 3D was the DVD release in Great Britain.

Jaws 3-D (1983)

This third movie in the Jaws series stars Dennis Quaid and Bess Armstrong who try to stop a great white shark from attacking people at SeaWorld. The 3D technology used in the movie could not carry over to television and TV showings refer to the movie as Jaws 3. In spite of being panned by almost every critic, Jaws 3D was a big box office success.

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (1983)

This science fiction movie was directed by Charles Band who is most noted for creating the Puppet Master series. Although the film itself received lukewarm reviews, most critics were impressed by the 3D technology of the film created by StereoVision International. The movie has several recognizable stars including a young Kelly Preston. It was finally released on DVD in 2010


Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (1983)

Peter Strauss stars as a bounty hunter who travels to a planet to rescue three women. Molly Ringwald in one of her first movie roles plays the sidekick. Michael Ironside plays the evil villain. This movie was released to the theatres in 2:35 format, but the 2D versions are 1:85. The movie has a small cult following due to the tongue in cheek humor it mixes in with the action.

Treasure Of The Four Crowns (1983)

This action adventure movie was made by the same team who made Comin’ At Ya! A group of thieves tries to take some gems hidden in the four crowns. The movie was quickly rushed through production in order to cash in on the 3D craze. Most people consider the 3D effects of this film to be inferior to other films of the period.

Starchaser: The Legend Of Orin (1985)

Although the big rush of 80’s 3D movies ended in 1983, this animated science fiction movie was not released until 1985. The movie combined traditional and computer animation and was considered the first full length animated movie to be released in 3D. Most critics have accused it of being a rip-off of the Star Wars movies.

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