3 Free Forum Hosting Services

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Free forum hosting service providers for forum owners of all types.

 1. Zetaboards

Zetaboards is an extremely powerful forum hosting provider, which uses its own unique forum software to deliver an all encompassing service to their users. Zetaboards is a totally free forum hosting service, and one which comes with a wide range of features for every forum user. They pride themselves on being easy to understand, and with the wide range of features available in Zetaboards forum hosting, they are suitable for anyone. Zetaboards places no limit on the size of the forum you can have hosted with them, which means anyone can keep their community running for as long as they want. There's no maximum number of posts, topics, members or even a bandwith cap present in a Zetaboard forum hosting package. Zetaboards forums are also very easy to customise, so long as one knows how to program in CSS. Even if they don't there are hundreds of unique skins for a person to use on their forum with Zetaboards. Zetaboards even comes with a website maker, so people can place webpages inside their forum if they so wish for added functionality.

2. Invisionfree

Invisionfree holds the prestigious title of being the largest forum hosting provider in the world. Invisionfree forums are powered by their own forum software, the incredibly powerful Invision Power Board software, and as a result are possibly the best forums available in terms of features and uses. The outstanding popularity of Invisionfree is one of their most important aspects, as there is never a shortage of help or friends available in their community. Furthermore, the Invisionfree community have created thousands of unique forum skins for you to install on your forum whenever you so wish, though the customisation options are not quite the same as Zetaboards. Invisionfree's experience with hosting forums for people lends to them a remarkable customer service ability, and any questions you have can be quickly and effectively answered by their staff.

3. Forumotion

Forumotion is a smaller, less specialised service when compared to Invisionfree and Zetaboards. Forumotion has the same lack of limitations as Invisionfree and Zetaboards, allowing an unlimited number of members and topics present on your board. Perhaps the largest selling point of Forumotion is their selection of forum hosting software. The Forumotion forum hosting service allows a user to choose from a selection of forum software, including phpbb2, phpbb3 and even Invision Power Boards. Further, you can alter your forum at any time to convert from one forum software to another if you find that your previous software is not to your liking. Forumotion also allows you to add a chatbox, a gallery or even a role playing game to your forum whenever you so wish to expand on the functionality of your forum hosting.