3 Common Causes of Acne

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Out of many common causes of acne there are three main causes of acne among the people. These acne causes can lead to different degrees of acne breakouts.

There has been a lot of discussion and research done on acne but there are only a few reasons that can be termed as common. Acne as we know can be temporary lasting a few weeks or can be severe lasting years. So the three most common reasons for acne among people are.

Onset of Adolescence

It is the most common cause or the phase of life among the young adults or teenagers, who experience the acne breakout. During the onset of adolescence the human body will go through a whole lot of change with growth of pubic, body and facial hair. This is due to the change in the levels of steroid hormones or androgens.

Androgens are mainly produced in males in higher levels and result into development of male secondary sex characteristics. In women too, certain amount of androgens are produced thus contributing to onset of puberty, however if the levels of production are higher than normal, it leads to acne. As androgen will stimulate the hair growth, so the sebaceous glands will produce more sebum for their nourishment and retaining moisture. An overactive sebaceous gland always paves for pimples.

Bacterial Growth

Our skin is home to millions of bacteriae. Among them found in large numbers is Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis, which thrive in anaerobic condition. So if a cork like plug develops due to clogging of the hair follicle by large volumes of sebum and weathered skin cells, then it becomes a perfect thriving condition for the bacteria. They multiply very fast thus soliciting body’s immunity system. It leads to development of pustules or papules, which are very painful acne.

Though most of us may be aware of the third reason but many are ignorant. It has to rank among the common causes of acne because of its sheer commonness.

Chemical Based Cosmetics

Women world over are fond of using cosmetics for beauty enhancement but they don’t bother to check whether the product they are buying is good for applying on their skin. The chemicals present in these cosmetics, over a long period of usage produce skin allergies or enter into the skin and alter the skin growth, texture and pattern. Even the male cosmetics need to be checked. One of the aversions could be to check if the product is non-comedogenic then only buy it or else go for natural cosmetics. Some of the chemicals present in cosmetic products can cause acne, depending upon the skin type the reaction may range from mild to severe acne.