22 Ways to Melt Your Guy's Heart and Make Him Want to Melt Yours

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Some simple advice on how to be the wind beneath your boyfriend, fiance, or husband's wings.

It has often been said that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Unfortunately, no videotapes corroborating the story have ever surfaced, so there's no way to tell. What we do know is that both species currently inhabit the same planet, and while there are times when women want to wring our necks, we know there's also times when you'd love to make us feel good about ourselves! Believe it or not, guys also have emotions, and while they are not as apparent, they still exist. Here are 22 ways to get to him, and don't feel afraid to improvise, because you know your mate, and results may vary.

1. Give him a hug! Some smart person started a rumor a long time ago about how men are more often visually stimulated, and it somehow led to the idea that we don't care about physical contact. This is crap! A nice squeeze will remind him that there's no place you'd rather be.

2. Take an interest in something he likes. You don't have to be a resident expert in his favorite activity, but show you care!

3. Play a sport with him. So maybe you're not the athletic type, but we love sports, and if you suggest going outside and throwing a frisbee or going for a run, he might just jump up and go.

4. Support him. Yes, us guys get stressed out by our day, too. When something doesn't go well, be there to empathize with him.

5. Be sensitive. We can get hurt feelings, too. I'm sure you've seen a guy clam up when something sensitive is brought up. Know the danger signs (like short, abrupt answers), and try a different tactic.

6. Be an advocate to him. Planning together (for a wedding, a trip, a purchase, or something else big) can easily be stressful. Make it feel like you're on the same team, and things will be smooth beyond imagination. Master this skill, and you might even be able to get him to scrapbook with you. (Call Guiness if you do; I'm sure they have a record waiting for you).

7. Surprises are good! You know what he likes. Surprise him when he least expects it!

8. Drop hints, and drop bigger ones if those don't work. If all else fails, just say it! I can admit that, at times, I have been completely clueless about what a woman was trying to get across. The frustrating thing was her getting angry about it! We love to make you happy, but sometimes, you need to tell us how.

9. When you're serious, stand firm. Every guy has respect for a woman who expresses her opinion with fortitude.

10. Talk him up to your friends. To us, confidence is like gasoline. If he overhears you bragging about him to your friends, or if word gets back to him about something positive you said, he'll feel like a million dollars. Don't overdo it, though. Try it while he is there, and you might only get an embarrassed expression.

11. If you have a problem with him, talk to him first. Just as overhearing good things will give him a boost, overhearing bad things will drag him down, and probably you, too.

12. If you do have to tell your troubles to someone else, make sure it never gets back to him.

13. Every guy needs a man cave. Let him have one room of the house to do...whatever. Just one.

14. When he does something that melts your heart, melt! There's nothing more depressing than for us to go out of our way and feel like it failed.

15. When he asks what you want for Christmas, or your birthday, don't say anything.

16. Don't try to ignore and hide things you're not happy about. Believe it or not, guys are remarkably adept at sensing when something is wrong. But if you try to ignore it and move on, we'll let you. Deal with it, or it will get uglier.

17. Do something manly. If he's about to move a couch, shock him by jumping up and helping him!

18. Send him a sweet text message, voicemail, e-mail, or letter. They work on us, too.

19. Breakfast in bed. Wake up early just once. Even a bowl of cereal does the trick.

20. Show up at his work on your day off just to give him a kiss and tell him you love him. If it's an hour away, I understand it's hard. But it would work even better.....

21. Let him know when he's not in the dog house! When things are going great, be happy, and show it!

22. Above all, just love us. Even when we reuse old socks, tell you the same stupid joke, or do something that just makes you roll your eyes, because, we're guys, and that's what we do.


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