20 Little Known Facts About Elvis Presley

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Here are twenty trivial facts concerning the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley

We all know him as the indisputable King of Rock and Roll, the singer of timeless songs such as Love Me Tender, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog and more. How much do you know about Elvis Presley? Below are twenty trivial facts about the late King of Rock and Roll:

1. Elvis once had a pet chimpanzee by the name of Scatter, who was known to relish on booze and wreak havoc. It died in the late 1960s.

2. Friends Elvis Presley and actor-singer Johnny Cash would sometimes impersonate each other.

3. Elvis once gave world renowned boxer Muhammad Ali in February 14 1973 before the fight with Joe Bugner and behind it emblazoned the words 'The People's Champion'.

4. The two favourite sports of the King of Rock and Roll are racquetball and football.

5. During his time in high school, Elvis Presley's favourite subject was wood shop.

6. On January 30, 1964, Elvis Presley purchased from President Franklin Roosevelt the Potomac, the former presidential yacht for $55,000.

7. On his eleventh birthday, Elvis Presley received a guitar as a gift instead of a bike which he was hoping for.

8. Elvis was known affectionately as his first initial 'E' by band members and some of his family members.

9. Elvis had a collection of Joan of Arc and Venus de Milo's statues.

10. In his Graceland home, Elvis had at his disposal 18 televisions, subsuming one above his bed.

11. What was most notable about Elvis as well is the fact that not only did he collect Cadillacs, Elvis was also known for giving away them to band members, bodyguards, his personal doctor and even complete strangers.

12. Those who were once close to Elvis had the utmost fortune of receiving pairing diamond and gold necklaces bearing a thunderbolt from him.

13. Elvis once had a personal cook by the name of Alvena Roy, who was the main contributor to 'Fit for a King -The Elvis Presley Cookbook' which contains more than 300 of Elvis's favourite dishes.

14. Two of Elvis's favourite reads were the Holy Bible and The Impersonal Life.

15. Kurt Russell, who was ten years old then, was paid by Elvis Presley's character to kick him in the shins in a scene in Elvis's 'It Began at the World's Fair', which had been the starting point of Kurt's acting career.


16. In December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley met up with President Richard Nixon and gave him a World War II .45-caliber Colt revolver.

17. Elvis once partook in one of those Elvis impersonation contest in a restaurant and instead of first place, he came out third.

18. A fan of Elvis Presley, actor Nicolas Cage built a shrine dedicated to him in his abode and was married to the King's only daughter, also known as the Princess of Rock and Roll, Lisa Marie Presley.

19. Elvis's shoe size was 11D

20. General Douglas MacArthur was idolized by Elvis Presley.


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