20 Little Known Facts About Albert Einstein

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Exactly how much do you know about the greatest physicist of all time, Albert Einstein?

Facts about Albert Einstein

1. Although as a man of science himself, Albert Einstein abhorred science fiction.

2. Einstein once kept a housecat which would succumb to depression every time it poured.

3. Einstein married for the second time on June 2, 1919 with Elsa Lowenthal, his first cousin maternally and second cousin paternally.

4. Einstein's brain was removed, weighed and preserved by one Dr. Thomas Harvey, a pathologist of Princeton Hospital, New Jersey where Einstein died in April 18, 1955. The brain was dissected into 240 pieces, stored in jars filled with formaldehyde and over the years. 

5. The most common misunderstanding about Einstein is that he did not win the Nobel prize for both theories of relativity, it was the man's work in photo-electricity that led to such an accomplishment.

6. As a baby, Einstein's head had been so big that his mother, Pauline Einstein had thought him to be deformed.

7. Pauline Einstein pressured him into taking violin lessons, for which Einstein had a great distaste.

8. At the age of five, Hermann Einstein, Einstein's father, gave him a pocket compass when he was ill in bed. This piqued the boy's curiosity and would later come to serve as a pivotal moment in the man's life.

9. After the death of Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel, it was Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion who offered Einstein the post as the new President of Israel, the offer being presented by Israel's ambassador in Washington, Abba Eban, which Einstein had graciously refused.

10. Einstein's two favourite subjects in school were geometry and philosophy.

11. After graduation from college and failing to secure a job that concerned a line of study in physics, Einstein took up a post as a technical assistant in a Swiss patent office. He would still work on his research in theoretical physics whenever possible.


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