20 Different Types of Journals You Can Keep to Improve Your Life

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A journal is more than just a diary, they can serve many purposes. Here are 20 different types of journals you can keep and some journal entry ideas for each of them.

When most people think of journaling, they think of keeping a diary. While that’s one way to use a journal, there are many more. For each of these ideas you can create a brand new journal for each journal topic or you can combine some of them into one journal.

If you’re using more than one journal, it’s important to remember you don’t need to write in all of them every day.

Here are 20 different types of journals you can keep:

1. Family Journal – In this journal you can write about you and your family. Either it can be for you to write about your relationship with the people in your family or your family can make a journal entry together, which can be a great addition of a weekly family meeting or a new family journal night.

2. Couples Journal – In this journal you and your partner take time each day to write to each other. Sometimes couples don’t have the time to talk as much as they’d like, so being able to write about your day, things that you’ve experiences or to say “I love you” will do much to bring you together as a couple.

3. Relationship Journal – In this journal you’ll explore your relationships with people in your life. Your friends, family, co-workers or even your acquaintance can be the subjects of this journal. This is a great place to reflect on your feelings about the people in your life.

4. Letter Journal – Letter writing seems like a lost art. However, you can stand out from the crowd by sending letters or notes to the people in your life. This journal can either hold a copy of the letter you’ve send or just keep track of your letter and cards. This is a great journal for the holidays.

5. Birthday Journal –This is a great annual journaling idea. Write a journal entry every year on your birthday and include photos. You can note things that have changed since last year. This is also something you can do for your children. You can start this now and as they get older, let them help until they’re old enough to do it themselves.

6. Memory Journal – I’m sure you’ve had moments when something for your past popped into your head. Well, this is where you’d record that memory. You can also just sit back and think of things you’d like to reflect on from your past. You can write what happened and your feelings about the event or experience.

7. Gratitude Journal – Take a few minutes every day to write some of the things that you’re grateful for. What things have happened that day, which made your day a little brighter? You can make this a full journal entry or just a list.

8. Prayer or Affirmation Journal – In this journal you can write a prayer or an affirmation. This can truly be anything, a prayer you’ve known all your life, an affirmation you saw online or just something you’ve made up that brings you spiritual comfort.

9. Good Thoughts Journal – This is a wonderful journal to start your day off with. In this journal you write at least one good though. If you used this in the morning you can write a positive thought or intention for your day.

10. Dream Journal – If you’re lucky enough to remember your dreams, keeping a dreaming journal can give you a way to explore them. These journal entries need to be written as soon as you wake up, while the dream is still fresh in your mind.

11. Focus Journal – This journal works very well with the Good Thoughts Journal. In this journal you write what you want to focus on for the day. You can also write this at night and list what you want to focus on for the next day.

12. Joke Journal – This is one way to help with stress. Laughter can be the best medicine during a stressful day. So, taking the time to write out some of your favorite jokes, cut out your favorite comics or collect funny photos can give you a great stress-busting tool.

13. Book or Movie Journal – What books have you read? What movies have you seen? How did you feel about them? This journal will help you keep track of your experiences. It’s also a great place to write movies and books recommended by friends, so you know who to thank when you find something you enjoy.

14. Recipe Journal – Do you like to cook or are you still learning new recipes. This is a great place to journal about your favorite recipes. You can include the recipe, but also where you learned the recipe, who enjoyed the food when it was served and what you served with the dish.

15. Collection or Hobby Journal – This journal is for recording your experiences with you hobby or the things you collect. You can also keep track of what you have with a listing or with a collection of photos. You can note where you purchased items; conventions or events you’ve attended and people you’ve met.

16. Sports Journal – If you’re a sports fan, you can use this journal to keep track of your experiences with your favorite team. You can write about you thoughts on their games, events you’ve attended and even a place to store autographs.

17. Travel Journal – This is a journal for anyone who is traveling or wants to travel. You can use this both to record your experiences and to plan for your future adventures. To make this more personal be sure to include photos and write about people you’ve met.

18. Health Journal – If you’re experiencing any type of health issue or if you’re pregnant, a health journal can be helpful. In both cases you can track your health and keep track of appointments and outcomes of doctor visits.

19. Diet and Exercise Journal – If you’re trying to lose, gain or maintain your weight, journaling can be helpful. You can record what you eat, how often you exercise, and your times and distances for running or walking, and track any other progress.

20. Finance Journal – This journal is more than just a place to write what your expenses are and how you spend your money. You can use this to record your debts, your current financial situations and make future financial plans.

As you can see there are many types of journals that you can keep. Each one will serve a different function in your life, but they can all enrich your life in some way.

Adapted from a list by the5yearjournal.com

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