12 Antique Lucky Charms for the Zodiac

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It's almost Shamrock time! And who can resist the luck o' the Leprechaun and the four leaf clover? Of course, the shamrock is just one of a number of good luck pieces. But to my mind, rather ordinary. So here's a wee Zodiac treasure hunt list to use as a

It's almost Shamrock time! And who can resist the luck o' the Leprechaun and the four leaf clover? Of course, the shamrock is just one of a number of good luck pieces, but to my mind, rather ordinary. So here's a wee Zodiac treasure hunt list to use as a guide to finding uncommon lucky charms. All charms suggested here are antiques! But relatively inexpensive, costing no more than a new charm you might pick up at a boutique or jewelry store. My goal is to send you scurrying out to find luck on your own. I am of the mind that searching for and finding a good luck charm carries an extra dose of good fortune, also known as a lucky find. Here are 12 different antique lucky charms: one for each Sun Sign in the Zodiac.

Aries: Hearts - any and all kinds of heart shapes can be found at your local thrift or antique store in the form of charms for bracelets, and heart lockets, pins, even rocks and stones shaped like valentine hearts (great as paperweights). Heart symbols reveal where Aries is right now - in the love zone and hoping to stay there. Hearts are usually portrayed as red, and what is more red than the sign of Aries? Treasure hunt for just the perfect heart charm to carry in your pocket or your purse. You can spend very little or a lot, depending on the materials involved. That's up to you. Put heart charms in or on top of your desk and definitely under your pillow to bring you luck in love this year.

Taurus: Horses. Not literally, but figuratively in the shape of horse charms or pins,and small horse figurines - or a horse shoe pin or charm. Horses are farm animals, after all, just like your symbol, the bull. Not too far a stretch in my mind,but it's the horse that will bring you luck this year. Horses symbolize strength and loyalty, and Taurus you could use some of both right now. Keep persevering; you'll get there, eventually. If you treasure hunt for horse figurines, purchase only the smallest miniatures to put on your desk or to carry around with you. Mini horses are generally made of blown glass, china or celluloid plastic, and they are plentiful in antique malls or on the internet.

Gemini: Keys, especially the antique kind. Search for keys that attract you (most likely found in a jumbled pile in your favorite antique store or flea market). Single keys are not expensive, and they come in different shapes and materials (likely brass or pot metal). Place these keys in various places around your house, and carry a small one in your purse or your pocket. Antique keys symbolize an opening and a way in - which is something very much on your mind these days, Gemini.

Cancer/Moonchild:  Netsukes. Miniature, hard-carved Japanese figures, dating back to the 17th Century that was once used as toggles on kimono "pockets". The most valuable Netsuke are made of ivory, but you also can find fake ivory/plastic Netsukes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as carved from wood and bone. Netsuke figures include monkeys, acorns, old men, and interesting carved shapes. You often see Netsuke in antique stores or on the internet, and you can buy them reasonably if you look enough. If you come across some, select the figures that most appeal to you, and they will be your lucky charm(s). Carry in your purse or pocket, and put in your bedroom or near the front door. If money is no object, you can find some pricey antique Netsuke,destined to grow in value. They will enhance wisdom and longevity, bringing luck to the security-conscious Moon Child this year.

Leo: Poker chips. I see luck and money surrounding Leo this year, and what better lucky charm than an antique clay poker chip(s) that you can find on the internet or an antique store (less costly on the internet). Your lucky poker chip could also be a souvenir from friendly game of Hold 'Em (though that chip would probably not qualify as an antique). You can carry your chip around in your pocket or place on your desk for lucky work ideas. Antique clay poker chips featured a variety of charming graphics (including the shamrock, the heart and the horse). If you want your luck to increase, stay away from plastic poker chips (they don't count here or anywhere else, for that matter). It is the enduring quality of the antique poker chip that is meaningful for you, Lucky Leo. I would think you would want to "hold on to 'em" this year, until the economy improves.


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