10 Tallest Churches in the United States

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These are the 10 tallest churches in the United States today. To qualify, a church has to be primarily a church and not an office building like the Chicago Temple building in Chicago primarily is. The Chicago Temple building is 568 feet tall, but most of

All ten of these tallest churches are popular tourist attractions and great landmarks in the cities they are located in. I've personally been to a number of these churches and found them to be great places to visit and to kneel and say a prayer. Tens of millions of people visit these churches on a yearly basis and they are beautiful structures both inside and outside. 

10 Tallest Churches in the United States

 1. Riverside Church in New York City- 392 feet


Image Source by Barbara E. Carver

At 392 feet in height, Riverside Church in the Morningside Heights neighborhood in Upper Manhattan in New York City is the tallest church in the United States, and 24th tallest church in the world. Riverside Church is a interdenominational church built mainly by John D. Rockefeller and completed in 1930. Riverside Church's address is 490 Riverside Drive in New York City, New York. Riverside Church is a big tourist attraction in NYC. 

2. St. Patrick's Cathedral- 339 feet

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