10 Most Venomous Creatures in the World

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There are hundreds and thousands of different animals in our world that are poisonous while other animals are the most dangerous. Some may even look beautiful and cute enough to touch, but dare you it may be the last thing you see. Let’s take a look a

There are hundreds and thousands of different animals in our world that are poisonous while other animals are the most dangerous. Some may even look beautiful and cute enough to touch, but dare you it may be the last thing you see. Let’s take a look at the animals located under water and on land and learn about the world’s most poisonous animals. Enjoy!

1) Box Jellyfish!

This venomous creature can be found in the oceans around Asia and Australia and has caused over 5000 recorded deaths since 1954. It is among the group of animals that have the most deadly venom. Its toxins attack the heart and other parts of the body and can kill you within less than an hour. Its sting can cause such pain that a human would go into shock or even die of heart failure. Any survivors from this deadly creature suffer from pains several weeks after the sting.

The only way of surviving the sting is to treat it immediately. Vinegar is a good treatment and would disable the nematocysts that haven’t passed through your bloodstream.

2) King Cobra!

King Cobra is the longest venomous snake to live on our planet which grows up to 5.6m in length. It eats other snakes and can kill a human with just one bite. The snake can kill an elephant within a few hours if it is bitten in a vulnerable area.

Though it might not contain the most toxic venom from among other species, it can kill 5 times faster than the Black Mamba. It lives in deep forests located in southern Asia.

3) Cone Snail!

This patterned Cone Snail is so deadly that a drop of its venom can kill over 20 humans. It lives in warm salty waters and can be easily found by divers. Affects of the venom include intense pain, breathing problems and numbness. It could take a few days for the symptoms to begin but only 30 human deaths have been recorded.

4) Blue-ringed Octopus!

This animal might be the size of a golf ball but can kill a human if the venom is injected. The octopus carries enough venom to kill up to 26 humans within a few minutes. Though you may not come across a lot of pain after the sting, the neurotoxins begin to work immediately and will cause numbness, breathing problems and death. They are located in tide pools around the Pacific Ocean, Japan and Australia.

5) Death Stalker Scorpion!

From all species of scorpions, this particular one is spread across North Africa and the Middle East which causes severe pain, fever, coma, convulsions and death. The sting will likely to kill a child, elderly or someone with heart problems. A healthy adult may survive the attack.

6) Stonefish!

The Stonefish is one ugly creature but is the most venomous fish alive. It causes such pain to a victim that they would want the affected body part to be cut off. The severe pain is accompanied by shock, paralysis and Tissue damage. Victims need to be treated at least within a few hours or else their life will be fatal. They store the harmful toxins in their spikes around the body which they use to hurt their prey.

The fish are frequently located in the tropics of Capricorn. They can also be found in oceans around the world including the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

7) Brazilian Wandering Spider!

The Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous spider around. It is a real killer which lives among highly populated areas. It would wander and hide in homes, cars and clothes. The venom of this spider causes weakness to a body and eventual death.

8) Inland Taipan!

This is the most venomous snake in the world, the Inland Taipan which lives in Australia. A single bite from this snake can kill near 100 humans with one human dying in just 45 minutes. However, this snake is very shy and likes keeping away from publicity. Though, it will bite if it feels threatened.

9) Poison Dart Frog!

Frogs might look cute to you. But whenever you come across the beautiful coloured ones, never think of picking them up. The Poison Dart Frog is very poisonous. It can kill up to 10 adult humans with enough venom. Only as little as 2 micrograms is required for a human death. Their venom is inside their skins and can kill anybody if it’s touched.

10) Puffer Fish!

Puffer Fish have very poisonous skin and organs. It can cause numbness, dizziness, vomiting and a rapid heart rate with breathing difficulties. Deaths occur from suffocation and take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. Most of them die from eating the fish after it is prepared by unprofessional chiefs.

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